My Feelings on Nice Guys Finish Last. Tell me what you guys think, and if this applies to you. Enlarge pic if needed This girl I liked once told me she just wan
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My Feelings on Nice Guys Finish Last

Tell me what you guys think, and if this applies to you.

Enlarge pic if needed

This girl I liked once told me she just wanted to be friends.
I told her I already had friends; In fact, I had too many ******* friends.
You see, that wasn't the problem.
The problem was that i didn't have enough ******* friends.

This is what pisses me off so much, like I realize testjust because your nice to someone doesnt mean that they' re gonna like you. But it sucks so
much to see a guy who is such ******** dick to everyone else (even the girl) in a relationship with someone you like. It' s like the world gave us
moral guidelines, andthen ended up ******* us in the ass for using it. It' s like we spent life trying to be good and nice, and not be the
asshole, but girls actually like them better. And I' m youjust saying that. In every person, we strive farthings that challenge us, things that are out of
our comfort area, and we want what we cant have. And I ********** s why girls more, because they see them as a challenge and see
them as something that they can tix. It' s too bad though, because society teaches differently, with typical fairytale movies that teach us the nice guy
ends up with the girl which is why most nice guys are surprised when they dont get the girl; cause in reality, nice guys dont .
**** world, I dont .
tin It was okay to be a prudent asshole, as long as it gets your dick wet
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Submitted: 05/10/2013
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#1 - anonymous (05/10/2013) [+] (1 reply)
Stop being so ******* nice then, Jesus. Being an asshole is a LOT better than being a whiny douche bag.

FYI... That chick you hate seeing in a relationship... Here's an idea, go talk to her and steal her from that other asshole. You gotta out asshole the other asshole. Either that or start ******* assholes.
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