Batshit Crazy. Saw this while browsing online, thought you guys should see this. Dont know if its a repost or not. Lolare it love it love Hill. tan i ittl that
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Batshit Crazy

Batshit Crazy. Saw this while browsing online, thought you guys should see this. Dont know if its a repost or not. Lolare it love it love Hill. tan i ittl that

Saw this while browsing online, thought you guys should see this. Dont know if its a repost or not

Lolare it love it love Hill.
tan i ittl that " for ' Mah"
update? sonpow true. Austin. you' re I ingla-
guy. I don' t know anyone who would be as
keynoted as Sara.
12 hours ago
Elle. Shiitt' got my fate tattooed on or
your armm What are you insane? You said
you watered I . I destitute
a winged tortuous and offered to pay for
than not my fuel what the hell were you
12 its‘. -tars eiio
I was thinking this would be a
good may to show how much! love you,
one you tenting me you don‘: like this?‘
1? hours ago
it You doit' t think a grapefruit
sized tattoo of my face [the guy you‘ -re
been dating for a little our a week) on
your arm. is a little our the top?
12 hour s are on
hit]! It' s supposed to be my
present to you! I thought tifr' Elite its
1 7 hour 1 .195-
2 he has to like it, it' s wth a
is I“! think he' s just surprised Sara,
mt Ampere is this taming treats?
too out may comments on my wall
daily. send Me the weirdest leans -
waiting second. copy my friend' s contest
Informacion from my cell phone and
threaten them with It. and now this?” I
think tho is a long time . can we
please my apps: this on A less pooh:
1' 5 my are can' t do out here? "
not ' you' re going to break up with no
ml no God? ‘Isn' t! not
actually up with me are you? After
all he for you‘ who is sheep
l". biere' s no one use Sara. I
just think you deserve someone else‘: as
as , rreally
lioness's can you be friends.
1 l mbr
taime -
really doing lists?
I i "tars ages
To k, one his new neurone-
or something. Too consider this
when you were getting it done?
I pared for a turtle with wings. when you
told the guy you were gonna get my face
instead, he didn' t give you any warnings?
11 hours ago
g ii"? -Tithing could have prepared
one for thisi
t) hours ago
maybe a little "
foresight. self awareness. and maybe a
girth of sanity,
it hours ago as it
If you want to talk. Forget about
Austin. he' s clearly the only one hear
for giving you upl
ti hours ago . is a
it hours ago sok
storyy at we s wit you for your entire
lifee-. than you-.
11 hours ago . #112
s this for real?
LA) hours .1911 .
iuei.. yaio',
tr 1
Hey baby, iwanted to show you in person. but
Fm gonna be in Calgary a little longer than I
expected hi But anyways. Surprise!!! Thanks
again so much for paying for it. the we was
the best valentine' s gift a girl could ask for.
of; 3 people like this.
it 12 ago
f - HI DIE! You' re soor devoted!
1- Austin' s really lucky to have you Sara.
That' s so sweet of you it
12 hours ago
f my Thanks Moria. it hurt. but
are can hurt too It
l?. hours ago
E Lower: loveit!!! BTW
can I steal that last comment for a status
update? hood true, . n. you' re a lucky
guy. I don' t hoover anyone who would be as
Tupi its the
thing he ever seen! in use world
could matte the want to see my
face tanned on your arm? what are you
branded cattle? Please tell me this Isnt
hours ego - so 1
if moose: that supposed to at
meant? Are you saying you don' t think
HERE permanent?!
A hr: v. iry ages
1“ think tns is a conversation
we should be having in private,
ll hours ago
C. '/ tair my are you always
trying to cores me up kike you' re
of me or !? I think everything
should be out in the open.
5. 1 hours ago
I In think you made that pretty
clear when you plastered my use on your
i.) hiscore ago
t" - I don' t understand this, I' m in
shock. ‘Where is this morrning friars? Don' t
itns mt?
LI hours ago
Milly? Youve too much. I
can' t ester: begin to describe how utterly
insane you are. when i say I wish we can
still be friends, I mean so that my visiting
hours ' k he as long as family when
you' re In an institution.
don' t think that' s a little
harsh, Austin?
11 hours ago
Ahit sitar '.'c.
It hours no oil 3
ash? How' s telling my
friends she houses where thea. rii' -e for
IAI' m just trying to protect
what' s mine and understand why you
would earth consider breaking up with nee.
11 hours ago
1-‘ hell understand this: we' re
1 i hour, ago
what am I supposed to do
got your face tattooed on my
1 I hours ago
Pl most in your new ;
status- I guess this is it n:
to hours ago
lil hours ago . 1
k vcau:
IO hours we
mot sure Adele is a psychotic I
but yeah I get how the
situations are
his hour' s ago
i -nominee this for the best
thread oldie year. And really? Adele??
it it its not Funny. -"
It') hours ago
tattoo. which to be honest. strains belief.
but I' ll make this as that as I can: We are
not dating.
hours ago
chilldren' s children will be
hearing about this.
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