Women with - and without make up. sorcery ..... you forgot this one.... your welcome makeup women weird Sorcery
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Women with - and without make up

sorcery ...

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#2 - eddirl (05/09/2013) [-]
you forgot this one.... your welcome
#5 - jurto (05/09/2013) [-]
Much, much better without make up.
User avatar #3 - voltkills (05/09/2013) [+] (1 reply)
still wouldnt do any of them with makup, there still ugly whores.
User avatar #4 to #3 - linajunk (05/09/2013) [-]
yea you're right. most of them look like drag queens. too much make up
#9 - sexpresso (05/11/2013) [+] (1 reply)
I think this one loses either way.
User avatar #8 - shadowknife (05/10/2013) [-]
They look bad without make up because they've been tailoring their faces for make up. eyebrows etc. If they had pictures taken without doing that **** for a while they would probably look all right.
#6 - anonymous (05/09/2013) [-]
"Why cant i find a real man?"
User avatar #7 - checkemtrain ONLINE (05/10/2013) [-]
They are all still hideous.
#1 - itsbendingtime (05/09/2013) [-]
The uglies are still uglies with makeup, and the average-pretty girls are slightly prettier with makeup...
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