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#110 - srskate ONLINE (05/09/2013) [-]
Hold the **** up.

You wanna know why edison said that **** about AC? Because the ****** was jealous. Jealous that Nik Tesla kicked his ass in the electricity race. ****** aint got **** on tesla.
#384 to #110 - philss (05/10/2013) [-]
yay, team tesla!
anyone got the image in a bigger size?
#375 to #110 - diegotan (05/10/2013) [-]
I knew Edison didn't like Assassin's Creed! I knew he was a templar!
I knew Edison didn't like Assassin's Creed! I knew he was a templar!
User avatar #325 to #110 - clockworkmage (05/10/2013) [-]
Edison was such a prick.
#312 to #110 - Womens Study Major (05/10/2013) [-]
Marconi was a dick to Tesla too. For more Tesla info look up wireless energy transfer.
#302 to #110 - abachonk (05/10/2013) [-]
Because Edison was a ******* templar.

**** HIM
User avatar #229 to #110 - hektoroftroy (05/10/2013) [-]
I'm glad Tesla named their car company after him
User avatar #261 to #229 - srskate ONLINE (05/10/2013) [-]
I'm glad that the strength of a magnetic field is measured in Telsas. Thats the highest form of immortality to nerds.
User avatar #188 to #110 - threeeighteen (05/10/2013) [-]
Tesla was like a magician of science.
#130 to #110 - juggernautoc (05/09/2013) [-]
There's a Nikola Tesla Awareness Group on Facebook just for things like this.
#117 to #110 - Womens Study Major (05/09/2013) [-]
i'm pretty sure everything about edison i ever learned in middle school was the filthiest lie i've ever been told by now
User avatar #353 to #117 - rockamekishiko (05/10/2013) [-]
and i cant believe they never taught us about tesla and his greatness
User avatar #115 to #110 - multimedia (05/09/2013) [-]
We all know why Edison said AC was **** . The internet has been over this enough times.
User avatar #114 to #110 - Lambda (05/09/2013) [-]
The last thing Edison wanted was for AC to become popular, because he had so much money invested in direct current. Even though it was clear he'd made a mistaken investment, he just wouldn't let it go.
User avatar #144 to #114 - srskate ONLINE (05/10/2013) [-]
I totally misread that at first.

I thought you meant Edison's last wishes were for AC to become successful.
im not too smart
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