Naruto vs Kingdom Hearts. Pretty sure is OC I thought of it but seems to obvious to be first one.. Kingdom Hearts Gcpd hearted main character that changed sides
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Naruto vs Kingdom Hearts

Pretty sure is OC I thought of it but seems to obvious to be first one.

Tags: I luv u
Kingdom Hearts
Gcpd hearted main character
that changed sides
That hate Rebel terriost group
Rebel group
With a useless bitch
that main character
has feelings far
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Submitted: 05/09/2013
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#19 - anonymous (05/10/2013) [-]
woah! Good hearted main character! thats so unusual!
User avatar #13 - terrria **User deleted account** (05/10/2013) [-]
Chick gets less useless though still useless
and the character that defects, comes back to the side of good
User avatar #10 - ademan (05/09/2013) [-]
one part is wrong since riku never joined the organization
User avatar #7 - nevrit (05/09/2013) [-]
Sakura is one of the best medics, has a lot of strength, and good looks. I still say she is useful.
#11 to #7 - bluemagebrilly (05/09/2013) [-]
Sakura has enough strength to just barely go out of a paper bag. Her medic talents are the only thing good about her but she could be easily out classed by anyone who trained under Tsunade and the "looks" thing is more opinion based, but I just don't like pink hair that much.

Think Natsu, from Fairy Tail, is the first character I've seen pull it off.
User avatar #14 to #11 - terrria **User deleted account** (05/10/2013) [-]
u realize she is strong enough to incapacitate most shinobi with one punch, she just never hits anything. If you're gonna hate be accurate
#15 to #14 - bluemagebrilly (05/10/2013) [-]
Physically speaking, she is strong enough to get out of a paper bag. She uses her chakra control to improve her muscles; take away her chakra and she is extremely weak. I /was/ being accurate. Naruto hits almost as hard as her without chakra enhancements, that we can see at least, though his punches aren't as destructive because there's no explosion of chakra from his fist.
User avatar #16 to #15 - terrria **User deleted account** (05/10/2013) [-]
but if you take away chakra, then all the shinobi are basically useless. naruto especially as his real genius lies in finding creative ways to exploit a near limitless amount of chakra. naruto's punches don't cause craters when he's regular punching, that's like specific to tsunade and sakura
#17 to #16 - bluemagebrilly (05/10/2013) [-]
So Lee is useless? He doesn't use chakra at all and hits harder and faster than Sakura does even with her increased 'strength.'

The fact that that technique to cause craters with punches being unique to Tsunade and Sakura is exactly what I was saying; Sakura isn't strong at all. She just has a small trump card no one else but Tsunade has that makes her appear strong. Without that technique, she'd only have medic techniques and she, as far as it has been shown so far, doesn't know/use the chakra scalpel like Kabuto did to be useful.
User avatar #18 to #17 - terrria **User deleted account** (05/10/2013) [-]
The Eight Gates are eight specific points on a person's Chakra Pathway System. They limit the overall flow of chakra within a person's body. The basis for the idea of the chakra gates comes from the body's limits on the functions within it. This makes the body much weaker, but it keeps the body from expiring too soon.
Rock Lee has demonstrated the ability to open at least the first five gates.

tldr lee uses chakra too... just through hardwork, he can't manifest ninjutsu. And medic ninjutsu is entirely based on precise chakra control... tsunade uses the style precisely because she can control her chakra so effectively, so does sakura. They choose to not maintain chakra scalpels when they have super punches shotgun, that's a stategy caveat sakura and tsunade exploit to fight. It's a different fighting style, ask yourself if kabuto can precisely channel his attacks to cause the same effect. I hate sakura, but I don't think you're being fair. tsunade also knows aother offensive jutsu she rarely needs to use because she can punch you to death, whether sakura knows them idk but cmon. also i respect your debate chops
User avatar #6 - kolimm **User deleted account** (05/09/2013) [-]
but riku is not a little bitch

and its speculated that kairy will be a keyblade master 2 so yeah
User avatar #8 to #6 - awildniglet (05/09/2013) [-]
She will be, you see at the end of Dream Drop Distance that they need another Keyblade master because Terra's body has been taken by Xehanort. So they recruit Kairi
#5 - tittylovin has deleted their comment [-]
#4 - razorhawkzor (05/09/2013) [-]
Both known for an insane amount of filler.
Had a great war take place before the start of the series.
Gearing up for another war.
Have another being inside of them (9 tails and Ven)
Had a time skip and change of outfit (lots of series have this)

Other could come up with more. Love Kingdom Hearts but I just can't handle animes more than 200 episodes long. Even if it is Naruto. Died a little inside at the mention of Riku being in the Organization.
User avatar #12 to #4 - nibxi (05/09/2013) [-]
KH has filler? O_o Preeeety sure thats a no-no
User avatar #20 to #12 - razorhawkzor (05/10/2013) [-]
How many side games were there? A lot. Coded? They do it in a way so it adds alittle to the story but adds confusion.
User avatar #21 to #20 - nibxi (05/10/2013) [-]
Wasn't as much filler as "You actually need these games for #3 to make any sense" . Filler in shows is usually when they go off in some small tangent where nothing is resolved and lacks any development

Seriously, if they did just 1, 2, then 3. It would make no sense. Chain of memories made #2 make sense just as the 5 or so after 2 will make #3 make sense
User avatar #22 to #21 - razorhawkzor (05/10/2013) [-]
Fair point.

Main point I was making though is that both series make fans go "Just get on with it already."
User avatar #3 - wojciak (05/09/2013) [-]
Karie is more useful than Sakura because Sakura has had training and is still useless and Karie is a high school girl.
Also Riku never joins Organization XIII.
#9 to #3 - artaisiousx (05/09/2013) [-]
kairi is training with yen sid now though....
User avatar #2 - patheoff (05/09/2013) [-]
I dont know what else to call them!
User avatar #1 - navadae (05/09/2013) [-]
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