The rules of the internet. #-1 All negative rules are false.. Rules of the Internet CR, The NCH' Lays about .”. is Legion. Cb. I-. nonymous never forgives- on =
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The rules of the internet

#-1 All negative rules are false.

Rules of the Internet
CR, The NCH' Lays about .”.
is Legion.
Cb. I-. nonymous never forgives-
on =". nonymous can be a ‘r'. orri‘ l: I.'. e. senseless. uncaring amonster.
37., is still. able to deliver.
C?,., W. -_ere are no real rules about posting.
Y.?. were are no real. rules about .: at. ixm either . enjoy your bati.
ls. if you enjoy any rival sites .. :' i-.
ll, / our carea' . l. y picked arguments can easily be ignored.
12., h. , ' you say can and will be used against you.
natl dug you say can be turned into . igtg else .. f ized,
15. Tue harder you try the harder you will fail.
is If' you fail in epic proportions. it may just become a ',titt. failure-
lit Every will fail: eventually.
E. ".veryy? rine; that can be label ed can be sated.
If", Lire more you hate it Lthe stronger it gets.
EC.. 5-: ' r: ing Ls to be taken seriously.
37.. original content is original only for a few seconds before getting old.
as Copypasta is ma’ e to ruin every lar, IT o- original]. y.
25, C' is made to ruin every l. ast bit of originality.
at. .-.very repost is always s repeat of a repeat.
25, Feel adios to the original topic , with every single post.
Cy"... any topic can be easily turned into totally unrelated.
2: 7, I-. l. ways question a person' s sexual prefrences without real reason.
Jon must have pictures to prove your statements.
32. lurk more its never enough-
an I: " a Porn of serum": cannot be found. f% t will make it.,
To: Tr. e to rule it is the citation of rule Eh.
Fir, The are HE girls on the Internet]
in h eat is , tee.
in}: 3-_ nother cat leads to pipito Cat.
no matter what it is. it is sor: Leone' s fetish. do Exceptions
1. 2: it is delicious cake- Irnv must eat it.
as it: in on der.,. adieus map. You must ‘sit it.
We it! sucks today.
thater goes in here.
You will never have flex-
he Profit
in It needs more '_Jesu_ Lie -is-: _
it there will be even more tuc' cerl up **** than ‘what you just saw
52. You can not divide by zero {just because the calculator says so}
53. Lie real limits of an kind a l here not even the sky
i/ r... Lean isn' t funny. Seriously guys. its worse than (", Terrie jokes
it We more beautiful and pure a thing is - the more satisfying it is to corrupt: it
alii. even one positive corn: nant about -.-aptness things can Take you a ‘meatier
6: 3. L-.' i: en one sees a lion. one must - into the can
as The pool is always cl. .
an its been cracked and pirated- so -
f...',): Lt needs more pumpkin, Ho 5-. notations.
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Submitted: 05/08/2013
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User avatar #1 - thewalruss (05/08/2013) [-]
Oh you light bulb... so funny...

"3-_ nother cat leads to pipito Cat."

"no matter what it is. it is sor: Leone' s fetish. do Exceptions"
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