Tutorial - Crystal growing. . Cl Ananymous Dali ( :59: 55 bla/ l 53495868 Irr, we make really we crystals. and post results! Okay, so this is easy. you should h crystal
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Tutorial - Crystal growing

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Cl Ananymous Dali ( :59: 55 bla/ l 53495868
Irr, we make really we crystals. and post results!
Okay, so this is easy. you should have all of the chert' ligate needed ermine
the hensel
Youll need mm itraver ENE pennies (or copper resin from your mum},
and is straw. put these oeil: .
Get a dear jar, scene 2 cit salt into it; and 1 tablespoon if hwy
New the first ingredient should heir: the bathroom cleaning supplies:
Ammonia (any brand). PM it in until the jar is are of the they full has tall as
tou want the crystals tn gmw)
The last ingredient is laundry Impeach [careful not to spill on your . fill the rest shits jar,
New time the pennies into the bottom. and quickly term the straw and New hull: laes eels the wheres to get the crystals going.
You should begin to see stringy crystals farm alter 30 not blowing. That' s it!
The stashed pie took mum IO minutes of steady blowing
The pink and purple some from the production of using the MI? in your own brawl
until you're dizzy actually increases the CDA in your breath, giving better enters]
Good luck!
A few days later
The L "12509_ , 6 KB, 40 BEBE Mite mpg}
and : fila Na. BTI
looms every day on this site for like 2 months and] always participate in stuff and do the
site says time is killed me.
I am writing this shit from the hospital be cause I sis mo sofucking died.
some posted something to make crystals from some regular stuff everyone has. lfl
remember it correctly ithere: soda, salt, some pennies {the copper] needed), ammonia and a
bit bleach.
thereto mill it and blow through a straw entail I became than because then there would be more
Contin there so there would be nice colours in the crystal.
The they found or something in my boght( WASTHE FUCK) and I was
passed out forager days.
Have to stay here for like 1 week more and my parents cut ofthe intenet,
Thnx Eliot .. hope everyone ofyou die
Picture related. its the crystal he sad I was going to get I which almost killed ma
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And that is why you're never supposed to do what people on the internet tell you.
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chemestry ************, do you speak it!?
Pic unrelated.
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4chan.. thats how