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#29 - urbemarmis (05/08/2013) [-]
hurr durrr lets make fun of the holocaust for the millionth time. then we can do 9/11 too!

come on guys these are old as **** . they got a chuckle out of me here and there but they werent really very funny to begin with...
User avatar #37 to #29 - nevrit (05/08/2013) [-]
Point taken, but I have to ask. Do you get the reference this is making?
#33 to #29 - arrisarrad (05/08/2013) [-]
Oh you shouldn't have said that...
#34 to #33 - urbemarmis (05/08/2013) [-]
well i did
#35 to #34 - arrisarrad (05/08/2013) [-]
And I will play my bagpipes proudly in your honor.
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