Oh you-tube....... I don't like you..................................... ........................................ ..................tube. Nah Jk I love youtube. Chains i like THEM silver
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Oh you-tube......

I don't like you..................................... ........................................ ..................tube. Nah Jk I love youtube.

Source here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybZ9PVcf6X8

vli' if.. Robert Norris " hours ago
7"’. The perfume ones are worse. They make no scents at all.
Repay . y'. ..'' in replete Baconisawesome
videogamedunkey at hours ago
Yeah but the car ones drive me crazy.
Reply . /, ' Robert Norris
theinternet city he hours ago
Also, when clothing brands do this. Wear is the logic in this?
hours ago
It' s like those electricity companies. Watts up with that?
14 hours ago
what about those water commercials? they' re so tasteless
Remy . saod .
13 hours ago
I' m surprised nobody mentioned how much those vacuum commercials suck
Dominace 13 hours ago
But you all forgot the sink commercials I they' re all going down the drain!
Huge Peter 13 hours ago
Have you ever seen a knife commercial? They are cutting edge.
Reply . 435 ..i. c'. Dominace
Pokenav I.? hours ago
And those scale commercials just weigh me down.
Reply . 392 ''i' Huge Peter
bobaganoush l?. hours ago
It' s the deodorant commercials that really stink.
Reply . 390 y'. ..'' in reply to Pokenav
a 12 hours ago
And the phone commercials, that' s what I call bad.
Reply . ISLE? j. I? in reply to
Dylan Hasek 12 hours ago
Y' all are all forgetting about the tree commercials, they' really been branching out
icat 12 hours ago
Those nasa commercials are out of this world.
Isaiah 11 hours ago
How about those wrist watch commercials, talk about a waste of time.
Reply . 279 .' i. in repute
Drake Kazuya ago
Dude, have you seen the tissue commercials? They blow me away.
Reply . 25? I: i'.." in replete Isaiah
IO hours ago
CK those pornography commercials.
Reply . 245 s.'.' ."' in replete Drake Kenya
IO hours ago
I always see those gym commercials, but something tells me it just wouldn' t work
Tyler Young IO hours ago
Have you seen those diaper commercials? Talk about **** advertising
Hellbilly 9 hours ago
Don' t forget those exterminator commercials. They really bug me.
Reply . 190. c. .'."' in replete Tylerr' aung
El hours ago
I' m just tired of these sneaker commercials. They really get off on the wrong foot.
5 hours ago
What about those toothpaste commercials? I find those really hard to swallow.
8- hours ago
Nah book commercials are the worst. They' got bad written all over them.
Alex Lin 7 hours ago
Have you seen dem National Park commercials? Ijust can' t bear them.
Remy . 65 a. l., in reply to
7 hours ago
Those glasses commercials. You can see right through them.
Reply . 65 . f. w in reply to Alex Lin
3 hours ago
Well better than lotion commercials, those always rub me the wrong way.
Jil hours ago
I always hate those airplane commercials. They' re just plane boring.
Remy . 5? i: y in reply to
The E hours ago
Those healthcare commercials just make me sick,
Reply . 415 . f. -if in reply to
Menelik Alexis -1 hours ago
What about those soap commercials? They really clean the competition.
Reply . 34 . in reply to
3 hours we
The home hardware commercials really nail it for me.
Reply . 33 . f. -if in reply to Rod Southwest
3 hours ago
At least its not a glue commercial, those get stuck in my head.
Rod Southwest d, hours ago
how about those garbage commercials? there a waste of time
Ed minutes ago
What about the screwdriver commercials, they always end with a good twist
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#5 - andreewkun (05/06/2013) [-]
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I love how these long strings of youtube comments always get less thumbs for every reply
User avatar #1 - luddethebunny (05/06/2013) [+] (2 replies)
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all that matters to me is that I giggled.
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