Social Anxiety Sucks. typical night for me. ivoire downstairs. I' t:) eert hiding in rrly r' C) C) rlrl for the. I've got one better: >Ask my sister's friend to prom >Don't really know her but my sister said she liked me >Go out and smoke some weed with a friend &
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Social Anxiety Sucks

typical night for me

Tags: yup
ivoire downstairs.
I' t:) eert hiding in
rrly r' C) C) rlrl for the
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Submitted: 05/06/2013
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#58 - jugularj (05/07/2013) [-]
#52 - anonymous (05/07/2013) [-]
So what if you're in your room for 4 hours? With social anxiety comes a great deal of solitude, it's not as though you don't generally spend hrs in your room, on your own - because that's what you find most favorable.
User avatar #51 - chuckbillrow (05/07/2013) [-]
the large amounts of people "with" social anxiety on this site suggests its like when someone "has" OCD because they want something to be organized
User avatar #37 - nlogax (05/07/2013) [-]
I have social anxiety too. I bet everyone on this site does. It's cool and funny to have social anxiety.
#48 to #37 - thatgreekkid (05/07/2013) [-]
well I definetly dont, and i think saying that is an over generalization
#38 to #37 - scrappaboi (05/07/2013) [-]
i don't
#41 to #38 - trickytrickster (05/07/2013) [-]
Me either.
User avatar #40 to #38 - nlogax (05/07/2013) [-]
Then you're not cool or funny.
#42 to #40 - scrappaboi (05/07/2013) [-]
Oh **** man that hella sucks for me
User avatar #43 to #42 - nlogax (05/07/2013) [-]
**** dude don't feel bad. I'm not funny or cool either.
#44 to #43 - scrappaboi (05/07/2013) [-]
**** dude we can be uncool and unfunny together. We can call ourselves "The normal guys who arent really cool or funny but you still hang around them cuz they are good people Gang"
User avatar #46 to #44 - nlogax (05/07/2013) [-]
**** dude, that's all I want in life.
#23 - anonymous (05/06/2013) [-]
It is a pain in the ass, however, it doesn't take too much to laugh at yourself. Even if it's not really funny, but have this story.
So I have Severe Social Anxiety, and coupled with that is Selective Mutism. I was at work one day, and to be frank my coworkers were an odd mix of prissy and hippies. I was restocking the shelf for animal crackers, and one of the prissier ones said hi to me, nothing much. However, I needed to say something back, and long story short, I meowed at her.
Aaaand I quite that job a little while later. No big deal, I work at a Dominos now. Coworkers are no where near as ****** as my previous job. ALSO, as just a little advice in case you need some serious help, there is a treatment called EEG. Basically they hook electrodes up to your brain and you watch a movie while it helps your brain to rewire itself. I'd suggest looking it up, and look for a sliding scale center.
User avatar #32 to #23 - lizardnigger (05/07/2013) [-]
I read that as Selective Muslim.
#30 to #23 - upunkpunk (05/07/2013) [-]
You meowed at her?
You meowed at her?
User avatar #18 - myrtille (05/06/2013) [-]
Guys, you're just introverts. 1 in 3 people are. It's nothing, really, you just recharge by being alone rather than recharge by being around other people.
There's nothing wrong with it, truly, and there's nothing wrong with you.
Social anxiety is just a term that extroverts use for their children because they don't understand why they'd rather be alone than in a large group of friends. It's a very misinformed term, to say the least.
Anyway, I have just read one quarter of Quiet and now feel better about being an introvert. You should all read it.
User avatar #59 to #18 - alexfost (05/07/2013) [-]
I know what you mean, but I do have a lot of anxiety issues. I've been seeing a therapist for it (I can finally do simple things that I've avoided for years). It's not that I want to be alone, it's that I don't know how to be anything else. I haven't read through all the comments yet, so maybe someone already said this, but be careful how you define someone who prefers to be alone. I only prefer it because I'm terrified at the thought of being around people I don't know.
User avatar #60 to #59 - myrtille (05/07/2013) [-]
Most people who are branded with social anxiety don't actually have it though. You may, but a lot of people who are just introverts are said to have it when they don't.
#56 to #18 - anonymous (05/07/2013) [-]
Actually, real social anxiety, is a psychological disorder, It means being really scared of people not being an introvert. Sure someone who is terrified of social situations and has panic attacks in public places and can't even really hold much of a conversation with but a few people they've known for years because they will literally give themselves a heart attack, is probably not an extrovert. However you can live life fine as an introvert, you just have a select few friends. Think of it this way, introversion is that kid that hangs around their book club friends and is usually in the library. Social anxiety is the kid that doesn't go to school because some said good morning to them and they started screaming.
User avatar #57 to #56 - myrtille (05/07/2013) [-]
I'm not saying that social anxiety isn't a real thing, I'm saying that it is used to describe people who aren't socially anxious - just introverts - by extroverts who don't understand why people just don't want to be bothered by other people.
#31 to #18 - friednazi (05/07/2013) [-]
You actually made me feel a little better, thanks.
User avatar #35 to #31 - myrtille (05/07/2013) [-]
Well, then I suspect that you would like Quiet. It's gotten quite popular lately, due to the extensive research the author put into it. She's an introvert and a lawyer, two things that don't necessarily mix, and she's spent most of her career around extroverts. My mom was married to one, and was always trying to get us to go out and be with his friends. We never wanted to. We just wanted to read or watch TV.
The author points out an extrovert ideal in the country. We're all supposed to be unique, but unique in the right way. Unique as in out-going, fun, and the life of the party. If you're unique in the sense that you don't want to be the center of attention, then you're the wrong kind of unique, basically.
She explains very well the pressure put on introverts to be social.
Indeed, there are some people who unwind by going to the bar until midnight with 10 of their closest friends. I can't imagine it. It'd drain me. I couldn't do it. But for some reason, it makes them feel more rejuvenated and happy. She points out introverts who have made huge differences in the world and would not have made these achievements without their solitude. It's a great read.
User avatar #39 to #35 - friednazi (05/07/2013) [-]
I think I'll pick it up, it sounds interesting. My mom is always urging me to forge a stronger social life, but when I tell her I have no want in me to do that, she doesn't care. Whenever I actually go out for lunch or anything light, even with family, I am completely fatigued afterwards. I can't help it. I almost want to avoid college because of the parties. Don't get me wrong, I have friends, but my idea of a good time is like one or two close friends coming over for a LAN party. Something quiet and more intimate. I feel so alienated.
User avatar #47 to #39 - myrtille (05/07/2013) [-]
Hmmm, let me quote some things she's said:
"As adults, many of us work for organizations that insist we work in teams, in offices without walls, for supervisors who value "people skills" above all. To advance our careers, we're expected to promote ourselves unabashedly. The scientists whose research gets funded often have confident, perhaps overconfident, personalities. The artists whose work adorns the walls of contemporary museums strike impressive poses at gallery openings. The authors whose books get published - once accepted as a reclusive breed - are now vetted by publicists to make sure they're talk-show ready. (You wouldn't be reading this book if I hadn't convinced my publisher that I was enough of a pseudo-extrovert to promote it.)"
"If you're an introvert, you also know that the bias against quiet can cause deep psychic pain. As a child you might have overheard your parents apologize for your shyness. ... Or at school you might have been prodded to come "out of your shell" - that noxious expression which fails to appreciate that some animals naturally carry shelter everywhere they go, and that some humans are just the same. ... 'By the time I was old enough to figure out that I was simply introverted, it was a part of my being, the assumption that there is something inherently wrong with me. I wish I could find that little vestige of doubt and remove it.'"
That was all on one page, and the book has countless more relatable tidbits. It's not an expensive book, and it's not necessarily long, but she's so amazing at describing this ideal for people to be outgoing, it's hard to put down. I can't help but nod my head at nearly everything she writes.
User avatar #50 to #47 - myrtille (05/07/2013) [-]
"Now that you're an adult, you might still feel a pang of guilt when you decline a dinner invitation in favor of a good book. Or maybe you like to eat alone in restaurants and could do without the pitying looks from fellow diners. Or you're told that you're "in your head too much," a phrase that's often deployed against the quiet and cerebral.
Of course, there's another word for such people: thinkers."
User avatar #53 to #50 - myrtille (05/07/2013) [-]
"Our personalities also shape our social styles. Extroverts are the people who will add life to your dinner party and laugh generously at your jokes. They tend to be assertive, dominant, and in great need of company. Extroverts think out loud and on their feet; they prefer talking to listening, rarely find themselves at a loss for words, and occasionally blurt out things they never meant to say. They're comfortable with conflict, but not with solitude.
Introverts, in contrast, may have strong social skills and enjoy parties and business meetings, but after a while wish they were home in their pajamas. They prefer to devote their social energies to close friends, colleagues, and family. They listen more than they talk, think before they speak, and often feel as if they express themselves better in writing than in conversation. They tend to dislike conflict. Many have a horror of small talk, but enjoy deep discussions."
User avatar #55 to #53 - myrtille (05/07/2013) [-]
Now that I laid all of those quotes out...I am exactly like you. I spend time with my boyfriend and my mom. I get headaches when I smile or laugh too much. I get tired of being out at night. I absolutely love reading. I love video games. I love the internet. I love drawing, sculpting, beading, writing, anything I can get my hands on that I can turn into something beautiful. I hate when people interject their opinions while I'm working. I'd rather them leave me to my work without bothering me. I am alone most of the day, cleaning and getting chores done with the sound of waves searched up on youtube in the background. I love to sit outside in the sun for a while and close my eyes.
Honestly, some of the situations in that book which she describes would make me want to die if I was forced to participate. Whole floors of building with no walls and absolutely no privacy.
She describes the fact that since groups work so efficiently on the internet, that they should in real life, and it just isn't the same, and they can't figure out why it isn't working.
User avatar #45 to #39 - raggedyswagg (05/07/2013) [-]
That's kinda how I am. I'd rather be with one or two friends or straight up by myself.
User avatar #25 to #18 - Jewssassin (05/06/2013) [-]
Why should I?
User avatar #26 to #25 - myrtille (05/06/2013) [-]
Read Quiet?
User avatar #27 to #26 - Jewssassin (05/06/2013) [-]
User avatar #28 to #27 - myrtille (05/07/2013) [-]
I don't really know why you need me to convince you. Just go read some reviews to see if you want to read it.
User avatar #29 to #28 - Jewssassin (05/07/2013) [-]
Well you said we all should read it. I figured you would of given me at least one reason.
User avatar #33 to #29 - myrtille (05/07/2013) [-]
Why should I?
User avatar #34 to #33 - Jewssassin (05/07/2013) [-]
Because from your first comment I figured you wanted me to read the book.
Do you want me to read it or not? I mean all Im asking for is a reason to read the book.
User avatar #36 to #34 - myrtille (05/07/2013) [-]
Way to analyze it to bits. I just said it's a good read. I'm not going to spoon feed you reasons. Just go look up some reviews. Goodbye.
#20 to #18 - anonymous (05/06/2013) [-]
[url deleted]

User avatar #21 to #20 - myrtille (05/06/2013) [-]
#17 - anonymous (05/06/2013) [-]
I did this once, my cousins came in and visited and i didn't want to see them so i went to bed. Then next time i heard about them one was a couple of years later and one of them was 17 and a father the other had some drug problem, Everything worked out for the best i guess.
User avatar #12 - slumberdonkey (05/06/2013) [-]
I've got one better:
>Ask my sister's friend to prom
>Don't really know her but my sister said she liked me
>Go out and smoke some weed with a friend
>Get back home about 20 minutes ago
>My sister and 6 of her friends, including the girl i asked to prom, in the kitchen
>I was really high
>I didn't know what to do
>I still don't know what to do
>They are still downstairs
>I'm too high for this.
User avatar #24 to #12 - slumberdonkey (05/06/2013) [-]
At one point they called me down and made it very awkward, i just talked a little bit and walked upstairs again. Teenage girls are annoying. It wasn't that bad though, she was really nervous because they were putting her in the spotlight so i don't think anyone noticed that I was high out of my mind.
User avatar #16 to #12 - TimBisley (05/06/2013) [-]
Go downstairs to get food, say hi, leave
#15 to #12 - Cleavland Steamer (05/06/2013) [-]
smoke them down
User avatar #9 - iamwilldabeast (05/06/2013) [-]
Everyone thinks OP has social anxiety, in reality, he's being burgled and is crying out for help.
User avatar #8 - drcookiemonster (05/06/2013) [-]
I've got social anxiety too. It does suck.
#13 to #8 - anonymous (05/06/2013) [-]
It prevents me from getting out there and starting a real social life.
#14 to #13 - anonymous (05/06/2013) [-]
although once my shell is broken I feel a little better.. but not everyone can do that.
User avatar #7 - nonnotitiapono (05/06/2013) [-]
you and a billion other people, nobody gives a **** .
#19 to #7 - anonymous (05/06/2013) [-]
about you
User avatar #22 to #19 - nonnotitiapono (05/06/2013) [-]
no, thats a BAD anon. i used a period at the end of that, you cant just add words like that. BAD. bad anon, NO. nooooo, bad anon.
#6 - freenarative (05/06/2013) [-]
go have a noisy wank. see how long it is before your folks come knocking saying "honey we're home. Are you in?"
Sweepstake time, I say 36 minutes ;)
User avatar #5 - bitchplzzz (05/06/2013) [-]
User avatar #3 - otacust (05/06/2013) [-]
ivoire downstairs.
I' t:) eert hiding in
rrly r' C) C) rlrl for the

Go home light bulb you're drunk.
User avatar #10 to #3 - diverdee (05/06/2013) [-]
What the hell does the lightbulb do?
#11 to #10 - anonymous (05/06/2013) [-]
It Summons Cthulu
User avatar #2 - dafuckisthisshit (05/06/2013) [-]
you should probably call 911
#1 - swagbot (05/06/2013) [-]
Good. They're probably terrible people.

Just saiyan.
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