Friend goes full Yuno. seen this on FB. Ashley Ifyou have a vagina, and you' re still on my boyfriends Facebook congratulations, I don' t think there' s a possi yuno FB crazy
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Friend goes full Yuno

Ifyou have a vagina, and you' re still on my boyfriends Facebook
congratulations, I don' t think there' s a possibility For you to be an
insidious slut!
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Spencer .ove this Ahahaha
5 hours ago via mobile
Mike ‘mu pick and choose your boyfriends friends?
truff much?
5 hours ago via mobile
Ashley I explain to him there
are certain girls I don' t trust, I explain why and ask f there
good friends and f there' s actually a reason For them to be on
his we 9 times out of ten he admits no and says ifit bugs me to
have them there he en remove them because they never hang
out or elk. Its alled t: mike El
5 hours ago
Ashley But yes my territory is
mine and I will stomp out any threats as I see fit and I see no
shame in saying that El
5 hours ago . nil 2
Mike No but seems like Gina just avoiding a fight lol
I' m pretty sure you have lots on your Facebook?
After all we don' t hang out? An I' only met you at the pet
store. I' m still here lol seems like he' s got more trust in you then
you do in him
5 hours ago via mobile
Ashley II trust him, not the girls,
which is why I tell him which ones make me ,
its his choice to eke them off after that point. A lot of my
random are friends I play video games wiw and I' asked him
time and time again f they bug him, I don' t mind to admitting to
being jealous or nervous because it' s me being honest,
always up front wiw him and so Far it' s done nothing but good
by us
5 hours ago . nil 2
Ellie Ir', l! l, lelelle_, Hey now, just because Ashley Feels
encom r e wiw women on FE is nothing to worry about it
not woaw going ‘Uh gawd in a Prison! My Lift: is over!" Lol
Most of the time they are just girls From highschool I don' t elk to
anymore and don' t really have anything in common wiw, so it
doesn' t matter,
5 hours ago
Mike Ijust think it' s funny tho lol, she' s not saved
of you cheat but she' s saved of these sluts? Hidden meg is it
lakes two people to Cheat lol so your sort of sugar creating it lol.
5 hours ago via mobile
Mike Ilol what' s more funny is thatl don' t really ere
I' m just giving Ashley a hard time like she does to me From
time to time haha
5 hours ago via mobile
Ashley I Yes, just Reuse you
might have had issues wiw your own relationships or women
you know being doesn' t mean you need to assume
wat' s the sinle about me, especially f you' said we' only
met once. I love Elijah so yes I do Fear someone trying to step
in, I see no shame in that, I' m not perfect and neither is he but
one wing we strive For is , I' d rather tell him now
how I Feel then let it boil up inside and b. Irn into a huge
unmanageable fight
5 hours ago . nil 1
Ashley I No sugar creating, Elijah
knows that f he cheats on me he' s going to be missing teeth
5 hours ago . nil 1
Mike - no I understand like I said I was just giving
you a hard time El like you do For me and my grammar haha
5 hours ago via mobile
Ashley _ Lol its a bad habit For
me, I had friends that did it to me, still do, So sadly it rubbed
off and mistrust think me a bitch For it
5 hours ago
Ralph Purse,,,,,,,, You could always leave the
insidious pee e e as we of your love For eachother, oh
2 hours ago
Mike I don' t think your bitch I know your a nice
person El just sometimes you do correct me, it' s suppose to
look that way haha!
2 hours ago via mobile
Bra linden‘
rookie, :
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mm! timing's:
images 1, : rookie, net
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