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#1 - PaveLow **User deleted account** (05/25/2010) [-]
Good shirt. But wont the marker wash off?
#2 to #1 - PaveLow **User deleted account** (05/25/2010) [-]
Nvm, didn''t see the fabric markers.
#94 to #2 - XYOURBUDDDYX **User deleted account** (05/26/2010) [-]
why arent u killing the other team in my game right now? I CALLED U IN 12 mins ago and says "air space too crowded" where are you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#5 to #2 - RyderSechrest **User deleted account** (05/25/2010) [-]
yea u draw it on, put in dryer for 30 min. then its all good
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