Best 4chan story ever - worth the read. I know its repost but i wanted to share for those who missed it. This guy should totally write a book around this story! chan story
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Best 4chan story ever - worth the read

Best 4chan story ever - worth the read. I know its repost but i wanted to share for those who missed it. This guy should totally write a book around this story!

I know its repost but i wanted to share for those who missed it.
This guy should totally write a book around this story!

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P (iii/ (ii) Boy, have I got a story for you /fit/.
5 zshare a house with 3 bros
is scrawny as **** , beta as hell, but genuinely nice dude
is a huge stoner, but the nicest guy you' ll ever meet, also impossible to make him mad
cooks like a mother ****** , super charismatic, and although he' s a heavier dude, he' s full bearmode, gym
everyday, arms like pythons, super nice cat but easy to make mad
sfor first two years, house is awesome
svidja like *************
cooking like we at grandma' s thanksgiving every other day
schilling always has good herb
sail sorts of fun and games and ****
tthen one day, the moon descended from orbit and smashed into the house
soh no wait, ponybro pulled a female
sright away chillbot and I realize Derakus here is going to be a problem
sthe first problem is she is one of those catgirls who just thinks shes hot as **** because she is a beta hunter
real men want curves, the same size as Marilyn Monroe hurr hurr" the whole ******* 9
sthe way the house is set up, there are three bedrooms upstairs and a basement suite
pays the most, so he' s in the suite. Got a king sized bed down there and everything, full chill pad.
starts spending every ******* night at our place
sthe noises this girl makes while ******* are just impossible to handle
sshe sounds like a cross between a death metal singer and an elephant seal
slm pissed as hell but chillbot tries to just initiate live and let live
swe tell ponybro to cool it on the noise anyway
mad because we arent supporting the fact that he finally bagged a girl
spoor bastard is already under her spell
sshe comes downstairs
tell her to stop screaming her lungs out at night
s" oh do my cries of passion make you uncomfortable tee hee?"
swhat the actual ****
like an victim of the bubonic plague maybe"
sshe mad, ponybro mad, foodbro thought it was hilarious
sthe next problem occurs when derakus starts ******* with foodbro
Hirst incident was when we all got back from class expecting to find her devouring our winter stocks or something
scant find her
maybe she went for a jog hahahaha {ponybro mad)" and goes to throw his **** downstairs
swe go downstairs, derakus is naked, and sleeping in his bed
sshe tries to take his expensive sheets, wrap them around herself and run upstairs
furious, forcibly takes his **** and makes her run, crying and naked as a newborn up to ponybros room
mad, but foodbro madder and ponybro apologizes quietly and chases her upstairs
swe would find out later this was a seduction tactic that didn' t even make it to launch because the fat bitch fell asleep ( ****** koi)
asecond incident, foodbro always leaves a lot of food resting
schild simmering overnight, flank steak marinating for a few days, all sorts of **** that I dont even ******* understand but is ******* delicious
stuarts to notice this **** disappearing
smad as hell, foodbro demands at least a little semblance of courtesy
has a roll of little red circle stickers
Hf something is in the fridge with a red circle sticker, dont ******* touch it
she goes to make his hamburgers for dinner (foodbro hamburgers will make you believe in a kind and merciful god)
s" Guys, where is the groundless. I literally only bought it like three hours ago."
starts giggling like its cute or some ****
s" Oh I was just so hungry I couldnt help myself so I made a little snack"
s" That was 3 lbs of ground beef!"
s" Oh it was just so good, Ijust fried it all up and ate it. Sorry" and she plasters this ****** pouty face on her mug
ships out, brings back salmon, handmaids some sushi
splat's it and brings it out
wonders where her plate is
loses it "Bitch, you ate 3 pounds of ******* ground beef today. Thats enough food for your fattass today. In fact, thats enough caloric intake for like 3
days. If I catch you in my kitchen for the next three days I will lose my ******* mind."
suits down next to chillbot, immediately back to good mood watching the game
shole **** this sashimi
quietly sobbing, ponybro shamefully passing her pieces off his plate
skeep in mind, derakus pays nothing to exist in our space
sin addition, because foodbro is such a woopnazi, he practically foots the entire food bill himself so we dont fill his kitchen with cheap ****** food
sbitch is literally a financial drain, does nothing to contribute, and always gets super upset if someone mentions how much of our **** she eats
few days go by
sme, chillbot, and foodbro coming home, ponybro has late lab
slights are on, loud ******* noise
shounds like the cawing of a billion crows and the shrieks of a billion banshees
immediately mad
sloes inside
soh my god, derakus invited the rest of the large Magellanic cloud and currently has food everywhere and everyone is screaming and laughing and making a
huge **** of my ******* house
strides through room, rips ipod out of ipod dock and screams GET THE **** OUT OF MY HOUSE
of white whales
says "oh ponybro said I could have a few friends over"
notices all the food that is out. Ice cream, cup cakes, chicken sandwiches and ****
s" Youre going to pay for all this. tired of you eating my food without asking."
starts tearing up "but the food is for the house"
pipe up "youre not part of the house"
agrees with me and says "you just come in here and eat all my **** because you think you can"
stumbles over to foodbro and tries to stroke his chest (wtf ammo) "its okay, stop getting mad because ponybros girlfriend"
gets so mad he leaves
sme and chillbot kinda shake our heads and go onto the backpatch to smoke
shear ponybro come home an hour later or so
shear derakus crying her eyes out, saying that foodbro screamed at all her friends, broke the ipod dock (nope), tried to hit them (nope), and then demanded that
derakus sleep with him ()
comes back about an hour after ponybro
shear ponybro confront foodbro
she still mad that we make fun of his lady all the time
to know why foodbro demanded she sleep with him
laughs and explains the whole story
go in and confirm
demands to know why ponybro said it was cool for her to throw a party
says he said she could study with a friend
swhat a cunt
sabout a month later of derakus being fairly well behaved
sstill making ****** passes at foodbro ''I know you like the way I look today, or is it everyday?"
just laughs
stuarts making her pay for everything he sees her take
out, summer time
goes to work the summer in the kitchen of some niceness restaurant, starts dating this bartender there
sthis girl
shole ****
sthis girl
lalonde, cardio bunny, yoga and pilates addict, nice boobs, nice ass, stomach you could grate cheese on, super smart, super clever and witty, coolest girl ever,
nicest girl ever
wwe' ll call her M
and foodbro date for like 2 weeks before she starts staying over all the time
whithin two weeks of her sleeping over, she demands to contribute to food and utilities
has been in our ******* lives for like 5 or B goddamn months now and still pays jack **** , smuggles food to ponybros room when foodbro is out
does not like m
is super aloof about derakus
starts wandering around in underwear knowing that people are chilling in the living room as if shes trying to prove that shes the real hot girl
stuarts making masive aggresive comments to m "oh you should eat more, then youd get some curves" (lolwut)
seven ponybro starting to get tired of her ****
stuarts getting mad at her when she says things to foodbro like "you' re man enough to date a real woman" and starts asking her what the **** she means by
comments like that
flights everywhere
sme chillbot and m are outside smoking, she thinks its hilarious
sthe one day m and foodbro come back from late shift
sme and chillbot are vidya like ************* in the living room
and foodbro go downstairs
sme chillbot and ponybro (who had been upstairs) come down
is in the basement suite again, trying to squeeze her fat ass into one of m' s dresses
stress is history, seams ripped, zipper torn away from fabric
so mad hes shaking
just quietly tallying the damage
s" Oh Sorry hee hee, I just needed something to wear and thought we were close enough to the same size"
wish I could make this **** up
is at least 260 standing at a proud 5' 2"
is at most 130 at 5' 6"
turns to ponybro "get this ******* behemoth out of my room, and then we are going to have a ******* sit down, you and L"
counters "Behemoth? Says you, lard ass."
OP 02/ 08/ ) 22: 13 No. 1? 6201? 2 Replies: so so moose? so messes so messes so 7620395 so 7620549 so 7620646 so moi no so messes so so
schilling bails
says something along the lines of "not even worth justifying your ****** attitude, goes upstairs as well
You fat ******* sow, I don' t think I' ever despised a human being more. You selfish lazy ******* cunt. Ifyou didnt provide the service of your
disgusting self to my friends penis I would have happily thrown you in a lake months ago. I hope you enjoy your life thinking you can just do what you want
because one day, youre going to wake up and realize what a **** pile you are, and then youll hopefully kill yourself" and then turns on his heel and goes upstairs
H find chillbot m and foodbro at the edge of the property, smoking in the backyard
shear ponybro from inside losing his ******* mind
ffront door slams
ssee derakus waddling down the street with her two garbage bags of possessions crying her eyes out
sthe witch is dead
comes out
she says that he told her to pay for all the food shes stolen from the house and for the dress or he would press charges
sshe eventually did
chouse was the coolest place ever for the next two years before we finished school and moved on
scot the invite to foodbro and m' s wedding today
swe never found out if she killed herself
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#41 - kisushima (05/04/2013) [-]
The line "got the invite to foodbro and m's wedding today" is such a sweet justice ending.    
Aww yisss..
The line "got the invite to foodbro and m's wedding today" is such a sweet justice ending.

Aww yisss..
#172 to #41 - lamarisagoodname (05/04/2013) [-]
foodbro is a massive alpha, yet is the most bro-like character ever. As big as a truck and could have easily kicked out bonybro and his pet yet decides to be man about it.

I don't think I've ever been more inspired.
#309 to #172 - soarinxdashie (05/04/2013) [-]
> His pet
> His pet
#96 - psykojet (05/04/2013) [-]
#31 - puredeliciousness (05/04/2013) [-]
That was amazing. Well written, with bits of humor thrown in, and no joke ending. Just real life **** .
#17 - BlackBadger (05/04/2013) [-]
Aside from the whale, that sounds like the ideal living situation for any college student.
#94 to #17 - dayasalion (05/04/2013) [-]
i wish i had friends that i could hang out with like that
User avatar #141 to #94 - trollchildxy (05/04/2013) [-]
I do, but none of them are even close to financially stable enough for me to want to hold a place with them. Ever.
User avatar #180 to #141 - dayasalion (05/04/2013) [-]
samsies, i have my two best buds that i would love to live in a house with, but they're barely able to maintain their lifestyle now even though they live with their parents.
#168 to #94 - unijaw (05/04/2013) [-]
I know that feel bro I lived three years (rent free mind) with my grand parents.
Everytime I brought a girl home it was like trying to **** a mouse.
#15 - unclebourbon (05/04/2013) [-]
When Chillbro bails, 			****		 is about to get real.
When Chillbro bails, **** is about to get real.
#5 - nicopwnz (05/03/2013) [-]
>the moon descended from orbit and smashed into the house   
>oh no wait, bonybro pulled a female
>the moon descended from orbit and smashed into the house
>oh no wait, bonybro pulled a female

#286 to #5 - ghustla (05/04/2013) [-]
>read doradus
>the **** is doradus
>search term
>MFW I found what doradus is
#1 - jonnyfunk (05/03/2013) [-]
This image has expired
> invited the rest of the large magellanic cloud
#18 to #1 - jakeattack (05/04/2013) [-]
that part ******* killed me.
#82 - cupotruth (05/04/2013) [-]
Medals of Honor need to be given to the hipbones of Bonybro.
Medals of Honor need to be given to the hipbones of Bonybro.
#48 - dharkmoswen (05/04/2013) [-]
That was by far one of the best stories I have ever read....
That was by far one of the best stories I have ever read....
User avatar #16 - scorpionfrommk (05/04/2013) [-]
that **** was on the same level of awesomeness as fats McGee and the retard 3
#150 to #16 - corsairjoshua (05/04/2013) [-]
If you wanted it :)
User avatar #183 to #150 - newbrony (05/04/2013) [-]
#7 - anon (05/04/2013) [-]
I would watch a movie based on this
User avatar #326 to #7 - wtfduud (05/04/2013) [-]
Watch Norbit.
#356 to #326 - anon (05/04/2013) [-]
#61 to #7 - anon (05/04/2013) [-]
I'll save the pic. And my standards are insanely high as well.
I do hope that this would be made just like how it was told.
Just as compact, just as clear and clever, and just as awesome as read.
#8 to #7 - lildj **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#59 - rudianos (05/04/2013) [-]
This is M..

i wish
User avatar #6 - spikethepony (05/04/2013) [-]
It's 2 o'clock, I'm tired as **** , but **** me if that wasn't one of the best greentexts I've ever seen. I was just sitting in anticipation of Loch Ness or spaghetti or some **** , but no. This was the real ******* deal. I want to see this on the front page tomorrow.

Also, I can identify mentally and physically with foodbro, and calling us fluffy yet strong individuals fat really clips a nerve. It's the best way to send us into gorilla-strength unstoppable rages.
#65 to #6 - anonefgtwo (05/04/2013) [-]
No, you are fat unless you work out 3-5 days a week or play football or some **** like that, dont even try to deny it
User avatar #68 to #65 - spikethepony (05/04/2013) [-]
But I play rugby twice a week and work out more.....
Am not fat. only fluffy.
#77 to #68 - anon (05/04/2013) [-]
it really irks me when people come up with stupid names for being fat or overweight. you aren't fluffy, but then again i'm sure you aren't a huge lard-ass.

what you are doing is the male equivalent of "muh curves"

User avatar #87 to #77 - spikethepony (05/04/2013) [-]
It saddens me, but yes, I am fat, and pretty unattractive. I just can also lift a ******* of **** . That's pretty much my only physical redeeming factor.
#101 to #87 - anon (05/04/2013) [-]
brah, i'm not judging you on your weight. I just feel that when people lie to themselves it does a lot of damage. (ever seen those people on singing shows that are convinced they are amazing)?

anyway, sounds like you are making a good progress on lifting and you seem like a bro. keep at it
#147 to #6 - anon (05/04/2013) [-]
My grandpa was built like a strongman back when he was a merchant marine. He had a bulbous bowel but he had ******* massive arms and legs, the man was a brick **** house.
#72 - soraisrox (05/04/2013) [-]
"oh my god, doradus invited the rest of the large magellanic cloud"
#37 - echobase (05/04/2013) [-]
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#270 - farmermcguffen (05/04/2013) [-]
Foodbros food sounds legendary
#42 - toughactintinactin (05/04/2013) [-]
That was pure gold
That was pure gold
User avatar #85 to #42 - hilariousrubbish (05/04/2013) [-]
is that behemoth?
#284 - metalnettle (05/04/2013) [-]
I can't be the only one that enjoys lengthy story time over cheap laughs right?
I can't be the only one that enjoys lengthy story time over cheap laughs right?
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