I am not a clever man. . Jellylike, when you‘ re born, you re a little baby, you" re wrinkly and stuff, when you get older you sort of morph into a baby again..
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I am not a clever man

Jellylike, when you‘ re born, you* re a little baby, you" re
wrinkly and stuff, when you get older you sort of morph
into a baby again..."
By 78 Mcafee done everything you‘ re going to do. if you
haven? by the time you‘ re 78 you‘ re not
going to do it."
All Pm saying is that old people need to be old people.
You need oldness. You need to see old people. You need
to go Right, they might have a solution they' been on
the earth longer. "
On Art
Stop looking at the walls, look out the window."
on the Bible
if errythin', like I said, he didn' t do us a favour, he saved
too much. You cam move out there for stuff“ (Referring
to Noah saving every animal)
if I was [Noah], 1 would have gone, "Hang on a minute,
We just seen somethin‘ that looks a bit like this, let it
drown", have a bit of a clear out, but he was messier about
savior everythin"
Why didn' t evolution make a giraffe good at carpentry so
it could build a ladder?"
You know how they say people have six senses? There' s
loads more than that. (The ability to feel someone looking
at you], that' s been around since man and dinosaur were
knockin* about."
We came from the sea originally, now we' re going back in
it. Don' t go in it, unless ycm' re in a boat.“
Can identical twins - "You always get a little snider one."
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Submitted: 05/03/2013
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my dads mates with him karl pilkington
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