3spooky5me. . ITT: Sleep Paralysis last night at around pm befall asleep on mum can' t fucking move and my eyes won' t open hohshit. jpg E :, buil can still bre 3spooky5me ITT: Sleep Paralysis last night at around pm befall asleep on mum can' t fucking move and my eyes won' open hohshit jpg E : buil can still bre
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ITT: Sleep Paralysis
last night at around pm
befall asleep on mum
can' t fucking move and my eyes won' t open
hohshit. jpg
E :, buil can still breathe
tthough We never experienced it befire, We heard of sleep paralysis and I knew thats what is happening to me
can hear my wife on her Ia peop typing away at a paper she has due
try to say her name and get her attention, thinking that she can somehow fix this (seemed at the time)
i manage to do is huff and puff really loudly
the living m lit?
every fiber of my being i try to say her name again
huff and puff again, but i finally get my wards to start vibrating
hear my wife giggle
m actually getting freaked out new because being paralyzed is kinda fucking terrifying
begins laughing hysterically
Zentai only am i beginning to partylike crazy. i' m getting really fucking mad at my wife
breathing. beginning to hyperventilate
can' t fucking move
is dying feom lolz
betther. jpg
i manage to finally regain mattar fundation
my wife can' t stop laughing
i shit my pants and beheld n' t feel it
my wife laughs even harder when I explain that I was fully the whole time
I can see why people think that they' re being abducted by aliens when this shit happens. It really is fressen.
Meyer them ht that I' d experience it... never want to again. either. Any of you have any interesting sleep paralysis Hula?
Maryanne % ( Thre' tti: Mo.'
but i we a laugh
Inst 2 for
Opts face when I give myself sleep paralysis nightly.
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#4 - vaginismus
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(05/03/2013) [-]
I've had this happen to me a few times. Thankfully I knew about it before the first sleep paralysis, though it comforted me only a little bit as I realized what was going on. The symptoms generally include not being able to move and feeling that something evil is in the room / on top of your chest. It sucks ass when you wake up from a nightmare and are in sleep paralysis. You try to call out to whomever you live with, with only little panicked puffs of breath escaping your lungs. The best thing to do at a situation like this is to relax and wait until it passes. If you know the symptoms, you know that no matter how you feel, nothing in the room is out to get you.

TL;DR If you have sleep paralysis, just relax, you'll die soon.
User avatar #3 - Neodude
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(05/03/2013) [-]
This is the best ******* laugh i have had all god damned week. Thanks for making my ****** week just a bit nicer OP.
#2 - anon id: cad6834d
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(05/02/2013) [-]
one time i was skipping school so i already had some adrenaline form that (i was 11 it was like being a rebel) anyway take a nap wake up 3 hours later on my side can only open my eyes from my room i can see a bit of the bathroom some freaky woman is half in the bathroom half looking at me shes black/grey kinda "grudge" looking panicking shut my eyes open them again and start moving still ******* terrified the whole time i saw her there was a terrible screeching idk if a dream or what OP described
#1 - anon id: 01adfc0c
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(05/02/2013) [-]
i had that **** happen to me once, it happened when i was doing internet stuff on pc, i had my lights out because i was going to sleep soon... but instead i fell asleep in my chair.
i woke up 1 hour later, room dark as **** because pc went into sleep mode, couldnt move either, weird **** going on, hearing noises and **** (has to do with hallucinations because of disrupted REM sleep or something).
beginning to panic, i swear theres something in this ******* room, manage to break free from paralysis, grab my pocket knife just in case, turn on lights.... ******* nothing.
still a bit scared, going to get a drink so i open the door, get on the floor, everbody walks the dinosaur.