Do they know what colleague is?. . Ann Juanita]: -thin: -. oh, quality...
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Do they know what colleague is?

Tags: asdasdasd
Juanita]: -thin: -
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Submitted: 05/02/2013
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#24 - anonymous (05/03/2013) [-]
someone didn't take their claritin
#23 - MAHEREX (05/03/2013) [-]
i get it?
#22 - anonymous (05/03/2013) [-]
[url deleted]
#20 - Shenanigins (05/03/2013) [-]
User avatar #18 - antigravitycake (05/03/2013) [-]
your pc needs some contact lenses.
#17 - zyketor has deleted their comment [-]
#12 - davvi (05/03/2013) [-]
you should go on a trip, op
User avatar #10 - internetrage (05/03/2013) [-]
'im going to med school' ARE YOU ****
User avatar #8 - huewut (05/03/2013) [-]
Nice ******* job covering up Kevin's name..
1st comment: Blurred.
2nd comment: you get my point
User avatar #4 - hugsta (05/03/2013) [-]
Med school? Really? Don't you have to be really, really smart to get in?
Her profile picture is a cleavage-focus taken with a phone in front of a mirror. That doesn't scream 'intelligence' to me.
#14 to #4 - anonymous (05/03/2013) [-]
By med school, she probably means Kaplan College to get a "nurses degree" to be a RNA or god forbid and actual RN. This is why I don't trust most nurses in hospitals. I saw the retards that got into that degree even at Purdue.

My Dad's ex did this to become a flobotomist (drawing blood and nothing else) and she flunked out at the age of 42 and went back to working at dairy queen for minimum wage to supplement her welfare checks.
User avatar #6 to #4 - Snookbone (05/03/2013) [-]
Too ******* stupid to use a camera timer... you're most definitely correct.
#7 to #6 - anonymous (05/03/2013) [-]
Perhaps not a matter of "Intelligence" but following fashion blindly.

But the thing is, the fashion is ******* stupid to be honest. Why not turn the camera screen on and use the mirror and the screen reflection to adjust the camera as needed?
User avatar #3 - thepyras (05/03/2013) [-]
Near sighted people, is this what things look like when you take off your glasses/contacts?
User avatar #21 to #3 - tulioandmiguel (05/03/2013) [-]
Yeah sorta, a little bit more blurry tough.
#5 to #3 - anonymous (05/03/2013) [-]
When i take off my glasses i can only see colors smerged all over i cant see shapes just.... colors randomly and if i look at a book a bit too far away i literally see a blank page.
User avatar #9 to #5 - thepyras (05/03/2013) [-]
Perhaps a better question would be for people with astigmatism.
User avatar #13 to #9 - nintendohero (05/03/2013) [-]
I have that and all I see is vague outlines of words and if I really squint I can make some of them out. It sucks.
User avatar #15 to #13 - thepyras (05/03/2013) [-]
I apologize.
User avatar #16 to #15 - nintendohero (05/03/2013) [-]
No need to apologize. They are different things and you were just wondering.
#1 - exele (05/02/2013) [-]
oh, quality...
#2 to #1 - milkwasabadchoice (05/03/2013) [-]
resolution, i....
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