The Cage Curve (read description). OH LAWD JESUS look at that equation.. The numbers, mason. What do they mean? is there anything Maths cant do nipple
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The numbers, mason. What do they mean?
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x(t) = ((-41/6 sin(37/24-11 t)-23/14 sin(35/23-6 t)+4445/43 sin(t+63/40)+1977/53 sin(2 t+30/19)+442/25 sin(3 t+49/31)+381/37 sin(4 t+49/31)+44/19 sin(5 t+59/38)+53/13 sin(7 t+67/42)+46/21 sin(8 t+59/37)+85/31 sin(9 t+18/11)+219/43 sin(10 t+67/42)+39/7 sin(12 t+141/88)-15669/34) theta(127 pi-t) theta(t-123 pi)+(5534/33 sin(t+11/7)+176/21 sin(2 t+47/30)+145/9 sin(3 t+96/61)+135/58 sin(4 t+96/61)+161/31 sin(5 t+96/61)+15/11 sin(6 t+53/34)+52/17 sin(7 t+39/25)+6/17 sin(8 t+80/53)+45/28 sin(9 t+31/20)+30/41 sin(10 t+17/11)+31/39 sin(11 t+35/23)+23/42 sin(12 t+334/223)+21697/36) theta(123 pi-t) theta(t-119 pi)+(-291/290 sin(48/31-11 t)-33/37 sin(25/16-9 t)-51/19 sin(113/72-7 t)-124/13 sin(69/44-3 t)-2092/23 sin(69/44-t)+624/23 sin(2 t+85/54)+317/60 sin(4 t+69/44)+82/33 sin(5 t+155/33)+72/31 sin(6 t+25/16)+22/35 sin(8 t+32/21)+19/33 sin(10 t+46/29)+15/59 sin(12 t+58/37)+5867/18) theta(119 pi-t) theta(t-115 pi)+(-9/16 sin(25/16-12 t)-32/45 sin(64/41-10 t)-11/6 sin(47/30-8 t)-150/19 sin(58/37-4 t)-213/10 sin(91/58-2 t)+1002/11 sin(t+11/7)+406/41 sin(3 t+113/72)+59/20 sin(5 t+36/23)+48/31 sin(6 t+155/33)+49/30 sin(7 t+30/19)+41/33 sin(9 t+11/7)+10/21 sin(11 t+30/19)+307/25) theta(115 pi-t) theta(t-111 pi)+(-12/19 sin(50/33-23 t)-1341/11 sin(58/37-2 t)+6968/7 sin(t+47/30)+4234/33 sin(3 t+47/30)+2613/55 sin(4 t+108/23)+1417/20 sin(5 t+75/16)+125/24 sin(6 t+95/61)+743/26 sin(7 t+108/23)+155/28 sin(8 t+121/26)+59/36 sin(9 t+23/14)+184/17 sin(10 t+163/35)+343/50 sin(11 t+77/48)+31/33 sin(12 t+83/19)+169/36 sin(13 t+101/22)+396/37 sin(14 t+37/24)+189/22 sin(15 t+79/17)+178/21 sin(16 t+139/30)+5/2 sin(17 t+31/18)+244/17 sin(18 t+397/85)+381/40 sin(19 t+61/41)+245/33 sin(20 t+74/49)+1487/63 sin(21 t+245/53)+268/19 sin(22 t+119/26)+493/27 sin(24 t+47/32)+214/27 sin(25 t+38/25)+937/38 sin(26 t+143/31)+19/20 sin(27 t+194/57)+379/43 sin(28 t+29/20)+47/6 sin(29 t+49/34)+184/35 sin(30 t+155/34)+379/37 sin(31 t+73/16)+19/1...
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I see your nic cage curve and raise you 50 cent curve [url deleted]
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