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User avatar #6 - martiortiftw ONLINE (04/28/2013) [-]
daleatucuerpoalegriamacarenaquetucuerpoespadarlealegriaycosabuena daleatucuerpoalegriamacarena EEEEEEEEEEEEH MACARENA
User avatar #20 to #6 - skwerlz (04/29/2013) [-]
...I danced to this song when I was like....9.

Unless my translation is wrong, you, sir, have ruined my childhood.
User avatar #42 to #20 - martiortiftw ONLINE (04/29/2013) [-]
"give happiness to your body Macarena cuz your body is to be given hapiness and good stuff; give to your body hapiness Macarena eeeeeeeeeeh Macarena
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