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#73 - ffx
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(04/28/2013) [-]
> 4th grade
> LONG TIME AGO, had epicly slow DSL (Best affordable **** back in '03)
> Go to a forum for first time, mainly because it was dedicated to my favorite game (FFX)
> See a chatbox on top (called a shoutbox for some reason).
> Notice people chatting, some use words in such as lol and such.
> Assume it some sort of typo the first time, then think it's their style or something for writing such after it becoming occasional.
> EVERY TIME I saw someone type "brb" automatically thought it was a joke and merely mimicking a burping sound, immediately type out excuse you.
> MFW I remember this **** after seeing this, and realizing how much of an internet illiterate noob I was back then.
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