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User avatar #117 - aerosol (04/28/2013) [-]
Still more interesting than Kansas
User avatar #182 to #117 - izzygirl (04/28/2013) [-]
Ain't that the ******* truth?
#176 to #117 - corpsmanup (04/28/2013) [-]
Yeah, Kansas is quite boring, punctuated by the occasional trip out of the state.

source: personal experience
#186 to #176 - aerosol (04/28/2013) [-]
I live in Ohio so I can't really say much. If we weren't a swing state, no one would come here.
User avatar #142 to #117 - philliyoMLB (04/28/2013) [-]
HEY SHUT UP YOU FAGGOT KANSAS IS AWE- yeah you're right... It's pretty flay here too...
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