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User avatar #31 - jeej
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(04/28/2013) [-]
Incorrect usage of meme reaches the front page.
#33 to #31 - veryspecialagent
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(04/28/2013) [-]
How is that incorrect? To the guy, he's telling him what the picture "says".

To us He's showing us he's a nice guy by changing a rude statement into a nice one to make the guy feel better. Both of those cases sound like a good guy doing a good deed.

So once again, how is it so wrong that you feel you need to comment just how wrong it is, when everyone else is clever enough to understand what he meant...
User avatar #34 to #33 - jeej
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(04/28/2013) [-]
So it's okay in your opinion because he probably won't find out he is lying, which makes him a good guy?
What if he thanks the guy who has made the picture? Like thanks, that's really kind of you. That makes a fool out of him for believing the GGG:
It's a question of moral and ethic, and I therefor think it's an incorrect usage of that meme since good guy greg is a good guy and therefor should not be used when you tell a lie.
#36 to #34 - veryspecialagent
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(04/28/2013) [-]
Unless protecting the other guy's feelings, which would be a nice thing to do...

Plus nobody thanks anybody for **** on this site, and if someone wrote something about me that I couldn't read on this site, I'd assume the worst. To not to would be pretty dumb.

>morals and ethics? That doesn't exist online... whatever dude you're thinking too hard about a picture someone used to make their comment more eye-catching. That's why most ppl use them in the first place.
#35 to #34 - nooneofinterest [OP]
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(04/28/2013) [-]
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