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#42 - BillyRyan
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And while so many other orcas were contented simply to sit still and let the mad tycoon in charge of this slavery condemn them to his compact prison, Orca 167 would not let tyranny regiment his life. He knew he was not born a number, but an orca; he knew his life purpose was not to move painfully slowly around the little room he had in his glass concentration camp, but to swim freely in the vast bodies of the ocean. And while the other innumerable orcas were happy, Orca 167 recognized what an insidious prison happiness really was. Orca 167 stared out the glass as the generic park-goers laughed at him and mocked him. He needed someway to escape, but all he could do was quietly express his dissent. And on that day, there was no justice for Orca 167.
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