My sides are gone.. Not OC, just thought id share with you guys this masterpiece of hilariousness. <- Original. my phote Photoshop troll hilarious
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My sides are gone.

My sides are gone.. Not OC, just thought id share with you guys this masterpiece of hilariousness. <- Original. my phote

Not OC, just thought id share with you guys this masterpiece of hilariousness. <- Original

my phote camera is .e.' bit blue.
Werner -infin n, (E Mar 22 [11 days Mt, I in
ity request -r
please help me with my phote
when i take pictures the photos crimes curt all MIMI
i tried erasing the blue but it did net werk-
else i have added a geeked with my girlfriends camera
this is net blue at all sci it commnet he the sky.
maybe my camera fell imp the water.
anyways i want my phote with my friend he just as clear as the with my girlfriend
thanks very muc. h in advance-
Photoship Request .3 MI = Mar WY. It', days Mt,
In ity Werner -r
Hey Weener,
I : ' t ihtm the blue eraser like all were talking abaut. sci " made the picture Lieek mi: ire
Maybe all were fer the "curves" ti: iiek' F'
ll was hard ll} match the and ecci: ind cine, but I think I get it pretty cei: iee- blew it leeks like Inh"
were taken with the same camera!
Let rue knew if we can help with anything else-
Request Team
Mar 25 If days Mt,
I I VIII I I It I ti
Yeu the pineapple hause. but its net what i wanted.
mm what is the curves teel'?
please delete the water: and underwater animals
Request .3 MI 'i@ = Mar = lil days Mt, in It
ity Werner -r
The "/ tall heel can take input and selectively stretch [tr : impress them. MB T, like the
blue eraserhead yen use, but mii: ire like a rainbo: eraser because it can change mii: ire : iii: irs[ I used
it ll} get the CHICK m the ll} a nice warm tens-
Is this better‘?
Mar = [ days Mt,
the first phote was the ene i needed changed
what the fuck happened with my hair'?
this is wrang e I change the that phote. with me and my friend
Request .3 MI (E Mar ED [3 days Mt, '
ity Werner -r
Berry Weener,
I all liked yem ether haircut better- I guess all like the decend haircut-
Than It yeu_.
Rh eti: ieha: quest Te am
Werner In up , Mar El] E days age}
ity ' It I It up
This is net what littlle! E. l. wanted! I I
just want the original phote ! tth'% ' the blue-
is that sci hard be fucking understand?
Photoship Request .3 MI Mar Ell] E days Mt,
ity Werner -r
mu " realize this E afree ' dile are being quite rude-
We already spent heme en : iur ' and this E , all treat me?
I refuse ll} help * any mi: ire unless all lil' ! and ask fer E}' '. A{ ITL" I" what all want
my request was the original phote ! tth'% the blue
dent fuck it up again.
Request .3 MI Mar a [1 day age}
ity Werner -r
I still feel meme disrespect towards me, but lil be the bigger man-
ml en Ir lil send it river alertly-
Photoship Request .3 MI gmail. cem IE 11: PM [23 heure Mt,
ity Werner -1
I' m the bigger man : -
ft. -iai
Werner -new in r, ] AM [Ell I ems Mt,
this shit aim funny.
the blue is gene- thanks
but why yen make me a midget?
this is afree shit service.
ferget .l?, Wshh this i dent want pent fucking help anym. eire-
Photoship Request .3 E ' Paw. AM [13 heure Mt,
Ifyou faund [PUT service helpful, please share and "Like"
he Re ieet. :
ity ' It I if up
fuck ell"
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#2 - iamtheblackgoat
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(04/26/2013) [-]
I've never heard of this site, but I can foresee many glorious posts about it
#1 - superowned
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(04/26/2013) [-]
holy **** i died