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#4 - minutes ONLINE (04/26/2013) [-]
>be me 16 living in the USA
>very criminal area
>my mother is constantly drunk
>father in jail already
>moms boyfriend hits me and even her sometimes
>one day my brother decides he needs to show me how to steal a car
>cops show up instantly, bad luck as always in my family
>we try to escape, he crashes the car
>get into jail for one day but get out because of my given lawyer
>brother doesnt get out
>lawyer gives me his buisness card in case i need help (he sees my mother)
>get back home, mother shouts at me
>her boyfriend hits me, they throw me out
>lawyer picks me up
>we've been on the run
>driving in the sun
>lookin out for number 1
>california here we come
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