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User avatar #47 - draezeth (04/25/2013) [-]
I... don't think any Dwemer Ruins ever had word walls.

I visited 'em all anyways. I like Dwemer ruins.
User avatar #84 to #47 - neoexdeath ONLINE (04/25/2013) [-]
The Dwemer never worshiped the Dovah, so they never had any reason to set up Word Walls...but I can see them making duplicates to study the Thu'um.
#54 to #47 - gentlemanscholar (04/25/2013) [-]
eh theyre okay, but no matter how high i make my carry weight, i always end up overencumbered. its a pain. but worth it to level up my smithing with all the dwarven stuff i make
User avatar #65 to #54 - chickendinna (04/25/2013) [-]
at least it's not like oblivion where you have to throw **** to move and fast travel...
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