4chan's To Kill a Mockingbird Summaries. Saw this on /b/ a few hours ago. Thought I'd share.. Hey ml, Writing a report. I need a paragraph synopsis ofko Kill a  four chan to kill a mockin
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4chan's To Kill a Mockingbird Summaries

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4chan's To Kill a Mockingbird Summaries. Saw this on /b/ a few hours ago. Thought I'd share.. Hey ml, Writing a report. I need a paragraph synopsis ofko Kill a

Saw this on /b/ a few hours ago. Thought I'd share.

Hey ml,
Writing a report.
I need a paragraph synopsis ofko Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.
Would be greatly apreciated-
Niigger is born
its got cruel life
nnigger does something illegal
nnigger claims he had to do it to survive
wwhite man defends nigger in court
wwhite man branded nigger lover
fjamily forever shunned
one mockingbird ever dies
oboe ladle's everywhere
Alright, lemme break it down.
So there' s this guy, and he' s a retard. His name is like Burr, or something like that. Anyway, so he' s like full blown autistic or some shit, but this book takes place in the south in like bumfuck nowhere
back in like 1880 or something shitty like that. Needless to say, the parents have no idea what to do with the retard, this is a theme.
Then, later some nigger rapes some white trash meth addicted bitch out in the poor area of town. But only, he didn' t really. So the main characters' dad is a lawyer and he defends the nigger, but
because this thing takes place in Alabama or some shit the people are all like no, hang that nigger this is a theme too. Anyway, the nigger tries to escape and he gets shot and I think he dies and
everyone is sad/ happy/ changed. The end.
There' s some kids
And there dad shoots a rabid dog
And I think a lot of shit about somebody who lives next door
And nigger, nigger nigger, nigger nigger nigger, something about racism and metaphors
Read it in high school right around the time I first started smoking weed daily, so I wouldn' t rely on that info ifa grade counts on it
Rs. if you' re in high school {"if', lol) get the fuck out, you are what ruined khan as a whole
boo realley comes out
talk about how gay rights in the depression era south were really tough on everyone, especially scout, we all know she' s a little dyke. boo realley came out to her showing her that she can come out to
her dad, gregory peck. Gregory peck is a lawyer in this small town and he' s defending a nigger because the nigger tried to beat boo realley up for being a faggot. even though the white southerners
hate boo realley for sucking cocks, they hate a nigger more, so they want to kill the nigger.
they kill the nigger
boo realley comes out
scout comes out
gregory peck never lawyers again
trust me, i' m a middle school english teacher, i' d give that paper an A
there' s some kids
dad is a lawyer named anemia or anakin or atticus one of those 'a' names
some creepy dude who touches kids
this one part where the kids think pissing contest is a literal term
black dude makes love to white women and gets killed
then it gets all m. knight shamalama and it turns out it was the mocking bird the whole time
and they kill the mockingbird
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So dNA HOOT/LAMB writer of FIM ,WE WILL BE RICH SOON~ BOO-- brian-the dog/ eating daily pickle/ u use so many names for him huh/ trips-passports& scout name on my little pony. But I let watchers tell me later if I'm right. Many years of your lies & traps when we walk, ****. He would have left on his own IF HE WANTED? NOW??? WATCHERS RIGHT??? SHARE A CELL / DEATH IN MASS. You ENCOURAGE PEDOPHILES ON FUNNY JUNK AS AN OWNER DNA?
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>mfw "boo radleys everywhere"
>mfw "boo radleys everywhere"