Civil youtube exchange. Mold Breaking Source: IO hours ago People hate the dubstep part for the simple fact it -is- dubstep civil youtube impossibru weebl
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Civil youtube exchange

IO hours ago
People hate the dubstep part for the simple fact it -is- dubstep-
Normally you could just go and not be bothered by the part in the song,
but because it is dubstep specifically, a music type favored by people they
generally don' t like, they feel the need to express their hatred for something
they most likely have barely heard anything of or about.
TL; DR Stop y' all bitchin', just watch that kitty dance!
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3 hours ago
Are you telling me that because you like dubstep and I don' t, your opinion is of
higher value? The animation was fine and music great until the dubstep part
came in my opinion. Everyone is entitled to his own opinion and they are free to
express themselves, it' s not bitching; You' re bitching.
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e hours ago
See, now you are assuming I like dubstep- Don' t worry, I don' t.
I never expressed my opinion being that of a higher value.
I mean to say to leave the artist to their own designs rather than serving a public.
Though you are entirely right for everyone to have their own opinion.
As such, feel free to have yours, and ofcourse, to express it.
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7 hours ago
Yeah, posting rants on dubstep videos is pretty much pointless. You
are right: It' s not our duty to decide whenever Weebl should use dubstep or not on
his videos. Sure, we can always express ourselves but in the end, Weebl makes
the decisions. You had a fair point but I missed it: I propably keep expressing my
dislike towards certain design choices, yet i try not to be as idiotic as I was when I
replied to your message- My apologies.
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Iain Shanks hours ago
What? No, humility on the internet? No, stop! You' ll break it I
But seriously, HE! internet points.
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hours ago
This is quite something. I' m proud to have played a small part in this.
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