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#12 - reigndrac
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(04/21/2013) [-]
Basically the story of my life. We were discussing women's rights in my AP Psychology class (specifically, we got on the topic of women in the military) a month back or so, and we were all trying very hard to keep things in balance. The class is pretty evenly split between boys and girls, and our teacher is a guy who served in the Marines, but even he didn't want to deal with any cross fire. Things were going pretty well, until this little runt (we'll call him Smed because why the **** not) decided to open his mouth. He's the type of person who always says something that manages to irritate everyone in the class for absolutely no reason, aka, being an ass for the sake of being an ass, but he tries to act earnest about it. He claimed that, since women can't control their emotions on their periods and aren't nearly as strong as any man, they shouldn't be allowed to serve.
Keep in mind, 'Smed' looks like a carbon copy of Justin Beiber (I kid you not) so he's the last person to be talking about machismo. The class had been pretty tense before that but we descended into a hell fire and fury fueled reign of angry curse slinging after that, most of it directed at him. Our teacher finally managed to calm us down, and this one kinda quiet girl raised her hand. We were all thinking, "Oh, good, finally, someone more modest is going to speak."
She ******* raises her hand and says, "But if women could just stay at home and have kids and not worry about anything else and have your husband do this stuff, why does this matter?" You could ******* hear the crickets. It wasn't even women's rights anymore, it was just ignorance as far as I'm concerned.
I still stick to 'Equality for better or worse' meaning that women should have the same rights but also share the same responsibilities as men, but even people who didn't think that were just ******* staring at these two with this <-- look on their face. I think our teacher was very happy when our class was let out that day.
User avatar #164 to #12 - elcreepo
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(04/22/2013) [-]
We got into that discussion in my psych class as well, but it was around twenty girls to three guys. It very quickly became a feminism ********* in there, mostly directed at the one guy who still hasn't realized he's an adult now and shouldn't be snapping bra straps as a prank.
#54 to #12 - anon id: d22aab27
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(04/21/2013) [-]
Women can be in the military all they want, but now they're allowed to join the front lines. I've had a friend have his buddy shot to the point where he couldn't move and if he wasn't a man he would never have been able to drag him to safety. **** equality if the cost can be lives.

Keep physical standards the same for both genders, that goes for women firefighters too.
#227 to #54 - anon id: d8e7687a
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(04/22/2013) [-]
What pisses me off it that women don't have to register for selective service. If the Koreans come over the wall the women should have to go die with the men. As long as they change it to where women are eligible for the draft i could care less how they get blown away.