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User avatar #640 - talosknight
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(04/22/2013) [-]
I would like to say something on this:

I'm a Canadian. There are gun restrictions here. You know what it's lead to? A man had five men break into his house in the middle of the night, armed with baseball bats and knives. They planned to beat the **** out of him and rob him. They didn't have guns, they had **** you can buy at the grocery store. He defended his life with his firearms, and had his license taken away was thrown in jail for murdering three of the bastards. Point is, if you want a weapon, you can find a weapon. I bet I can kill half you ********** with a spoon, should I put my mind to it.

Furthermore, I own a 77' Ford F-250. That thing is a tank. If I wanted to, I could wait until recess, and drive through a school playground, and murder three to fours times the number of people a kid can with an automatic rifle. Hell, if I cleaned it off after, with the amount of dents on it already, no cop would ever know.

My point is, its not gun control that's the issue. Its your social system. And not even the poor vs rich ******** liberals go on about, its they fact you make every person who kills a few people into a known name. You plaster their face everywhere. So when some kid is depressed, they go "Huh, my life sucks, I want attention. Maybe I go shoot up my high school, then everyone will pay attention to me." They do something so horrific, and BAM! Face, everywhere. Every household knows their name. Your country's people are broken America. Your people are weak and turn to the easiest option, rather than fighting for something logical. You could be building a good healthcare system, instead you waste tax payers money over gun ownership, and denying gay Rights. Your country disgusts me, and I am ashamed to know we rely on you, even partially, for trade.
User avatar #716 to #640 - PhuckingPhreak
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(04/22/2013) [-]
im american,avid range shooter, i agree at everything you just said, thank you for your time.