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#390 - fordun (04/21/2013) [-]
Why isn't there a pair of plain old blue and pink figures up there? I mean i don't agree with transgender persons but iIm tolerant of it. seems like its getting to the point where we are almost advocating for alternative sexualities rather then just being tolerant of it.

Look at the bottom picture. It portrays being straight as boring. I mean it is more of a joke then anything but it does reflect on peoples actual thoughts.

Personally i think it because this generation has a big victim complex. They like to play the victim because it makes one seem more interesting and cultured, even liked. Think about it. Which do you hold a higher opinion of. A World War 2 Veteran or a rich white boy. This generation has learned to respect hardship so much it even admires it.

It could possibly stem from elders and those that have endured hardship using it as a get out of jail free card. "Don't tell me what i do i am your elder and fought in Vietnam", "Respect the troops they risked there lives fighting for your freedom", "Oh look honey at the poor people on TV", "Look at Eminem rapping about when he sold crack for a living or was in a gun fight".

I know of several people who pretend to cut themselves,pretend to have bi-polar disorder, depression, thoughts of suicide. But in reality have no plan to do any of these things and more.

Because sexuality is something people have been prosecuted for for years while only recently has that became semi-accepted people have switched to something more radical. 5 years ago being gay was all the rage. We saw a uprising in metro-sexuality in popular culture.

Now back to how i said becoming transgendered was being advocated more then tolerated. I take this from the number of kids that become transgender. But you say "That is just on the news! Its not real life".
User avatar #414 to #390 - yutakenusername (04/21/2013) [-]
And if people who are transgendered are becoming more accepted in culture nowadays, please tell me, how does this negatively affect your life? Let me tell you, dude. I speak for many gay/trans people when I say that a lot would choose to be straight if they could. A lot of people do say they have "gay pride" nowadays and all of that, which I do agree, it is silly. I think everyone being gay, trans, straight, what the **** ever, should all be treated the same way. I don't think any should be acknowledged more than the other, though obviously that's not an option right now due to all of the gay rights stuff going on. There is still a lot of bullying and harassment going on for gay kids in school or wherever, it's not like every treats it like a party. And I think you'd apparently be surprised by how much hatred there still is towards people who aren't straight.
#435 to #414 - fordun (04/21/2013) [-]
I effects me because when i have kids there might come a time in his young life 5-11 where i have to explain what transgender people are. This could lead to my points being misconstrued and his developing a warped image of sexuality. As a kid we were afraid of gay people. We hated gays and thought there were all dangerous people with some sick twisted mind. We heard of Micheal Jackson molesting little male boys which furthered this point.

Of course we all grew up and realized that is not the case. Mind you this isn't in some backwater hick town i live in Massachusetts arguably in the top 5 most liberal states.

My point is kids should not have to be exposed to things like this while there minds are developing and sexuality is a new concept to them. California which has just made taking gay history classes mandatory. While it is true that there are prominent gay figures in history such as many leaders of China, Rome, and Greece people shouldn't be taught about them just because they are gay. This only furthers this victim culture.

User avatar #437 to #435 - yutakenusername (04/21/2013) [-]
I think it's a lot like forcing black pride upon people. I think people do the gay pride thing and gay history thing because of the past discrimination of it just like black discrimination and it's like affirmative action in a way. People want to make up for it by teaching about it and all, but I think the whole race thing and the gay thing should be treated just like being straight and white. I COMPLETELY agree there, and I think racism and discrimination against gays would only ever be able to stop if people stopped treating them like they're not the norm, and it does further victim the situations by treating them as such. Though I don't think it's bad for a child to learn what being gay or transgendered is at a young age, it doesn't **** up their mind, it just lets them know that there are those kind of people in the world, just like there are straight people who are happy with themselves.
#444 to #437 - fordun (04/21/2013) [-]
Well its good that we could both reach some common ground at least. I do think the situation with blacks is sad. Something needs to be done with there culture so they can stop identifying with being black and submitting to a degenerative urban culture and acting as if acting outside of that is "being white" instead of it being just a responsible person.
User avatar #423 to #414 - yutakenusername (04/21/2013) [-]
#405 to #390 - fordun (04/21/2013) [-]
Well i personally know of 1 student who got a sex change and this was confirmed by staff that works with her/him. I know of another who is rumored to have gotten a sex change. Another who may not have had surgery but dresses as if transgender. And another that says she wants to get a sex change but her parents say "Its just a phase". And i agree with her. I think anyone that wants to change there gender goes against evolutionary principles. And should be treated as a mental illness. But that is just my opinion and as i said i am tolerant. I don't go bashing transgenders and they can do what they want as long as its "not in my backyard".
User avatar #420 to #405 - yutakenusername (04/21/2013) [-]
And I didn't say this above, I don't think you understand that most people like that can't help it. I do realize that some young teenagers may do it for attention (though, many people fail to realize most teenagers just want to fit in with the rest, hell, it's human nature), but most people who feel like they are the opposite sex or who like the opposite sex can't control that in any way. There's no "phase" they are going through, it's how they were born. Perhaps this is an opinion but I can't quite see how it is when I know so many people who have hurt themselves or who have just felt hurt because of their sexual orientation.
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