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#18 - anonymous (04/21/2013) [-]
Why can't we go back to the good old days when we DIDN'T QUESTION EVERY FUCKING THING IN LIFE.
User avatar #47 to #18 - Loopholes (04/21/2013) [-]
Yeah dude, let's go back to a time where everyone was fucking ignorant as shit and was happy thinking what they were told to by everyone else.

Did you really just fucking say that we should go back to a time when we didn't know shit about anything? I mean I know they say ignorance is bliss but if we didn't question shit we wouldn't have the technological marvels we had today.
User avatar #139 to #47 - jajathezombie (04/21/2013) [-]
Chill out bro, he said don't question everything, not don't question anything. Sometimes questions don't have answers, and personally I think the idea of gender identity is a little dumb, because I think gender roles are dumb. You don't "think like a guy/girl", you think like yourself, and I wish people could just understand that and stop trying to define everything.
User avatar #160 to #139 - Loopholes (04/21/2013) [-]
Yeah, to be honest I think as a race we're getting past the need for gender roles, just do what you want, ya know?
But they're still around and will be for a very long time, if not forever, so we gotta do shit to make do for now.

I just thought it annoying how he was pretty much saying we should go back to a more ignorant time.
User avatar #167 to #160 - jajathezombie (04/21/2013) [-]
Not necessarily, you jumped to that conclusion on your own. Viewing anon's comment as a response to the content, which was an illustration of over-analyzing things, I'd say it would be safe to give him the benefit of the doubt.
User avatar #170 to #167 - Loopholes (04/21/2013) [-]
"Go back to the good old days"
Made me think he's talking about going back in time, and back than, we were ignorant as shit.
Which lead me to believe even more so that he was implying that, when he said "we DIDN'T QUESTION EVERY FUCKING THING IN LIFE."
User avatar #116 to #47 - satrenkotheone (04/21/2013) [-]
Back to the feudals!
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