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#207 to #200 - baconbiscuits
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(04/21/2013) [-]
Shared story time
>Be 7, about a month til 8th birthday
>Never ask parents for anything (we were poor, so anything was appreciated)
>This year folks ask "Have anything in mind?"
>"A dog?"
>Ensue ********* of "Not responsible enough! Lotta work!" Blah, blah, blah.
>Supah sad.
>Birthday rolls around, get a card and cake (Hooray)
>Getting ready to go to bed
>Mom hollers "Let's go see Aunt Nunyabusiness!"
>Supah stoked. She's a wicked cook and would surely have birthday yum-yums for me
>Go up the holler (lived in hills of WV, all family in our holler) to Aunt's
>**** ton of people. Looks like the family reunions
>Get out of our piece of crap car, uncle spins 'round
>Tiny sheltie pup in his arms
>Start the water works
>Cry tears of joy I've never felt before

To be continued....
#208 to #207 - baconbiscuits
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(04/21/2013) [-]
>Nerdy kid in school
>Real scrawny and picked on a lot
>No friends
>Feel true friendship for the first time in my life
>Hold my new best friend in my arms weeping while my family basks in the moment of man and friend
>Rascal slept in my bed by my side that night and for many nights to come
>Only friend for years
>Do everything together, tell him about all the dickwads at school
>Forgot housekey one winter had to sit outside til folks got home
>Snowing, cold as ****, wore shorts (dumb as ****)
>Rascal cuddles up next to me to keep me warm
>Sleight riding, hit a tree (still dumb as ****)
>Rascal tries to drag me to safety
>Wreck 4-wheeler into creek
>Submerged under water
>Rascal barking to get parents
>But they don't come and just think it's a car or something
>Got out from under it because still scrawny as ****

To be continued again. Sorry if these suck. Never told this story before. I'm nostalgia'ing so hard, just lemme go with it please.
#209 to #208 - baconbiscuits
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(04/21/2013) [-]
>Dad gets another dog
>Huge piece of **** dog
>Names it "Freeloader"
>Too true.
>Fat **** douche dog
>Jealous of Rascal and his attention
>Eats his food
>Move Rascals food and throw dirt in Freeloaders food any chance I get
>Then they both start disappearing
>Freeloader would lead Rascal far away then run back in hopes he would get lost
>I'm not even making this **** up, Freeloader was a huge ******* cunt
>I hope he's dead now. No regrets
>One day Freeloader gets home
>Hour goes by, then two, then three: no Rascal
>Bawl my eyes out
>My grandpa mounts his fourwheeler and goes on the 1-man search party
>Comes back that night
>Found him tangled in barb wire UNDER a piece of tin sheet.
>What the ****?
>Parents agree that's the last straw
>Give Freeloader to some deaf and nearly blind old lady
>Called him Freddy
>Ran into her years later and "FWEDDDYYYYY!" Looked miserable as ****
>Back to story
#210 to #209 - baconbiscuits
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(04/21/2013) [-]
>Years go by.
>Got new dog
> Rottweiler named Rocky
>Badass dog. Dumb as ****, but nice as all get out
>Instant best friends with Rascal (hooray!)
>Transition from boy to man
>No epic montage
>**** was hard
>Rascal was by my side every step of the way though
>Family moves out of the holler for better "job location"
>Neighbors down the road have sheltie dog
>GIRL sheltie dog
>Talk to my folks about breeding them for $$$
>Folks figure, "Why not?"
>Tell me the plan and I'm like "Cool! Puppies!"
>What wasn't cool is how sheltie poon changes a dog
>Rascal noticeably different
>Distracted constantly
>Won't fetch, won't walk, won't do ****
>Literally just tries to get back to his lady
>I'm distraught, try having "talks" with him
>Promise him I'll take him to visit or for booty calls
>He doesn't buy it
>Constantly going MIA
#211 to #210 - baconbiscuits
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(04/21/2013) [-]
>Jump to Sunday morning
>School pictures next day
>Mom buys the pictures "So she picks the haircut"
>Off to get a flat-top (woopeee)
>Go to get in the car and my dad tells me to run back in the house real quick
>Whatever. Go back inside. Cold out anyway.
>Comes in a little later and we're off.
>Get home with new cut and ride bike around while my parents set-up for a garage sale
>See dad whisper in moms ear
>Mom gasps. Cue the waterworks.
>Sister away on field trip to Seneca Rocks that weekend
>First thought "Oh **** she fell off."
>Never forget next words
> Been over 7 years now
>Hear them plane as day
>"Rascal's dead."
#213 to #211 - baconbiscuits
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(04/21/2013) [-]
>Didn't understand english for a split second
>"Dead?" Not processing
>First time I've ever had any in my family die ever
>Hits me like a sack of bricks
>Can't breath. First true friend. Only friend for years. Best friend. Gone.
>More waterworks.
>Apparently he was hit by a car
>Dad had seen when he went to take me for a haircut
>Hit and run. Was so bad he didn't want me to see him all over the place.
>Buried him while I was in the house before haircut
>Try to watch t.v. to calm down
>All Dogs Go To Heaven: Next
>Blue Clue's: Next
>Cats vs. Dogs: Next
>Powerpuff Girls, whatever not about dogs (Episode where everyone gets turned into dogs) Turn off t.v.
>Flash forward a week
>Rocky goes into deep depression after loss of his best friend, too
>Stops eating. Try dog-food, hamburger, anything. Won't eat.
>Starts getting sickly. Does nothing but lay-down all day.
>Take him to vet.
>They put him down. I lost two of my most loyal friends in less than two weeks.

This is the first time I've spoke of it since it happened. It's been years. Now I have a cat, and he hates my ******* guts. Sorry for the long ass boring story, but I feel your pain. R.I.P. Joey you wonderful embodiment of man's best friend!
User avatar #203 to #200 - cabbagemayhem
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(04/21/2013) [-]
That was a happy post, and then a very sad post.