Just wow. inb4 this is OP. September 4 at ' "E Serry tier stepping en Wm met today It' s MY Fault thati eat the many Fatty fbcdn that make me heavy and overweig cars crashes
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Just wow

September 4 at ' "E Serry tier stepping en Wm met today It' s MY Fault thati eat the many
Fatty fbcdn that make me heavy and overweight (and the group cf
Aww, man! What happened? Did We turn int: Ccrusie' s ghost? {because I den' t see We anymore) ED peaple pushing We back)!
Are We okay? I hape I didn' t break Wm met banes. I DID hear a
squeal cemo outta yeu...!
Like ' Cemment ' February 17 at 4: ' it
likes this,
I said it was okay, lel
February 17 at 11: ' Like '
towell, thanks. I[ whew!] I
I thought yee' d hate me for that,,,
February 17 at 11: ' Like
wean, I den' t see We at schewl anymore, not even en the bus! :/
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wees, I' m still hernan, lcl; .
September 4 at 9: via mobile ' Like ' , I
Ell - Heehe, you knew I was joking with that Corpser thing, eh?
Why "sorry"? We didn' t do anything,
September 4 at ' Like
Ell WELLI. Finally saw yee, today!
September 5 at . Like . in JEER, CHUCK E, CHEESE! De I / her/ embarrass you? Everytime I
st/ cc) mment en samething cf Were We get " (snaps fingers)
JUST like that! My guess is that We den' t dc) that with Wm ether
I den' t mean he disturb. I just miss talking he Wu like last year.
I dent get why Wu always act strange whenever I' M near Wu, er
when Wu get efl" line whenever I ) st/ cc) mment en Wm profile, IT' S
FREAKIN' ME OUT! (scary tier freakin' out)
Why are Wu different when I' m involved? We act the same with
everyine else, but with me, it' s all " .."
I had anither weird dream with Wu in it.
We, somehow, get drunk and Fell asleep nerd he the trash in "your" yard. ‘rider Family, my Family,
and the POLICE came by he see what happened. A while alter, we were invited inside Wm hause
waiting tier Wu he wake up and cemo in), And I just sat dawn and began drawing.
Serry, I dent mean he seend mean. It' s just my TBH paint cf view.
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November 21, 2011 at ' Like
November 21, 2011 at 9: 4? pm ' Like '
v, well, it' s alright, Wu.
November 22, 2011 at 9: ' Like
Pretty weird dream, isn' t it? :/
Just take in mind that this is NOT what/ how I think abaut We ,' just seme weird, randam dreams
pepping up when I sleep.
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Leah, but remember, I dent think of Wu that way. My dreams are just random,
July 17 at 9: ' Like
Write a cemment. ..
We know, I' m starting think that yeu' re starting get annoyed by me, I noticed that didn' t look
at me everytime I said "hi" yew And didn' t act like "yourself" around me, net like I' seen
hang around ether people,
Is there samething about me that bathers you? Or is it the fact that I' m and alone compared
everyine else that I seem creep out?
Just tell me f there' s a problem about me, I' ll understand... even f it hurts my Feelings...
I should let know I' m net DEAD SERIOUS about this, either, so dent Freak em...
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me ‘Again, I' m sorry sound mean... I' m just so out of place,,,
May 19 at aam ' Like
I dent know We well, so shy,
May 19 at S: 'Like ' sol
Ea. - just dent understand it! We' gene to the same scheels, we' seen each other
since Sth grade, and I' m already popular around HALF of the schewl, ever' Wne else knows
May 19 at 5: ' Like
Ea. _emends me of that "Hannah Montana" episide where ever' Wne in the school went
gaga" Fer some celebrity student except Miley...
May 19 at 5: ' Like
Ea. -!?;o, do We get shy when We dent know sameone very well?
Or is it just with me?
May 20 at ) aam ' Like
Can' t we ever chat like regular peaple? :/
Am I really that annoying? :1:
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T Ne. Youre not,
June 20 at ' Like '
Oh, good,
June 20 at ' Like
Se, can we chat? Like regular people?
June 20 at 1: Sapm ' Like
C) r are We tee busy?
June 20 at ' Like
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#1 - oishiine
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(04/20/2013) [-]
I'd feel bad for him, but this is ******* hilarious
#4 - johnnybtrollin
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(04/20/2013) [-]
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the living embodiment of spaghetti,
User avatar #3 - icantevenbro
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(04/20/2013) [-]
"I'm just so out of place.." I'm preety sure that that's the least of your problems.
#2 - meshtesh [OP]
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(04/20/2013) [-]
Jeez Chuck E Cheese!