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DELMAR, NJ. (AP) - Awoman of Korean descent who claims a worker at a CVB in southern New
Jersey used a phrase mocking Asians to identify her on a store receipt has filed a federal
discrimination suit against the chain, according to her lawyer.
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Attorney Susan Ghana
her client, Hyun Lee, was picking
up photos Feb. 7 at a CVB in Egg
Harbor City when Lee noticed an
employee had identified her as
Thing Chang Lee" on the ticket.
Lee said through her attorney
that she complained to CVB
customer relations and was
allegedly told the worker would
be "counseled and trained."
Store counseling cannot correct
intolerable discrimination," Lasik
said in a written statement,
adding they were demanding the
worker be fired.
CVB Markmark Corp. spokesman
Mille said the company
does not comment on pending
litigation but has a firm non-
discrimination policy.
CVB/ pharmacy is committed to
treating all of our customers with
dignity and respect," he said.
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User avatar #2 - xgarthx
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(04/20/2013) [-]
William done ****** up, I just quit my job at CVS. Good thing too, fortune 20 company in the United States and they pay shift managers starting off $8.50 an hour. Heh, shows how much they value employees.
User avatar #1 - oblivionx
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(04/19/2013) [-]
She's suing CVS for a million dollars too