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#1 - anon id: d70eca88
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(04/17/2013) [-]
I know all this is gonna get flooded by red thumbs, but that's actually a good point (the deaths)
#2 to #1 - blackandwhitegod
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(04/17/2013) [-]
Sorry I fail to see how its a good point?
User avatar #3 to #2 - devestion
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(04/17/2013) [-]
People die everyday due to bombs and other **** and curtain people only care about what they see on the news
#4 to #3 - blackandwhitegod
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(04/17/2013) [-]
So basically you are saying what everyone knows.

And its a good point why?

Everyone does it.

Do you think people in Germany feel bad about what happened in Boston?
People in France feel bad about what happens in Iraq?

Tragedies all, but it is different when it is close to home.
I frankly hate it when people go hipster about it, but don't make jokes about the people who died and don't try to be condescending with it. People died. Lots of people were injured. A small child of the age of 8 was killed. And the best you can come up with are some lame puns and some ****** bandwagon comments?

Do you think you'd feel the same if it was your leg blown off and someone called the news hypocrites because they said they feel bad for you?

You don't have to feel bad for people you don't know, but don't act like an ignorant twat because you can.