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#1212 - anon
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(04/16/2013) [-]
Okay folks, time to shut the **** up about it.
The Boston bombings I mean... Before any of you start, yes it is tragic and whether done by terrorists, extremists groups or a gas explosion (Not ruled out) it is sad and shocking.

But posting about it on facebook saying 'your prayers' go to those whom have been affected and lost love ones?? I have seen 17 posts now of the like and have yet to see 1 sympathetic post about the Iranian / Pakistan earthquake of which measured 7.8 magnitude. In which at least 40 have been killed only the day after.

The only reason you decide to comment about the Boston bombings is because it was an act of terrorism (again not confirmed yet) and because it is pushed in front of the public eye like candy in front of a baby.

If any of you actually cared about the loss of human life in a tragic such as BOTH of these then why are none of you posting about an earthquake at least 13 times more deadly than these 'bombs'???
#1240 to #1212 - thtguyfromwork
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(04/16/2013) [-]
I get you're point, but there's nothing wrong about showing sympathy for tragedies. Sure, there are a lot worse things happening all over the world, but people have the right to choose what to mourn about, like Boston. People are showing sympathy to those victims because it's close to home, and it's what they care about. Not everyone is a humanitarian.
And I'm not trying to start something, but don't belittle the situation by saying 'bombs'. Just because it wasn't as severe as other tragedies, doesn't mean lives weren't lost.
User avatar #1215 to #1212 - thelordofbutthurt
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(04/16/2013) [-]
I had no clue either had happened until I read this post and this comment in respective order.

I concur....