Adam Savage and Photobombing. Not OC, all I did was go into Google and searched these up. Cameo by Wil Wheaton.. mfw
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Adam Savage and Photobombing

Not OC, all I did was go into Google and searched these up.

Cameo by Wil Wheaton

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Submitted: 04/14/2013
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#84 - praisetalos (04/15/2013) [-]
the second one ... shopped .... be nice...
User avatar #82 - qubot (04/15/2013) [-]
Grant is my favorite.
#76 - argonianmaidohonor (04/15/2013) [-]
Wil Wheaton!!
Wil Wheaton!!
#71 - thesirofponies (04/15/2013) [-]
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#69 - anonymous (04/15/2013) [-]
i love how the girl's only on the show because she has ass, she's not very smart and isn't essential to the show yet she does all this awesome **** i wish i can do
User avatar #80 to #69 - greenstrongworld (04/15/2013) [-]
She is literally a rocket scientist, a chemist and an engineer. She can probably science better than you can science.
#65 - anonymous (04/15/2013) [-]
who's the chick with seth rogan in the first picture?
User avatar #63 - nustix ONLINE (04/15/2013) [-]
I wish I was there....
Will Wheaton and Adam Savage are amazing, Grant is also a decent guy Jk I want to stare at Kari
#62 - fransgursee (04/15/2013) [-]
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#61 - seenenoughhentai (04/15/2013) [-]
My, what savage behavior
#68 to #61 - johnroxton (04/15/2013) [-]
my god
User avatar #59 - shazmothree (04/15/2013) [-]
I met Wil Wheaton, I think he's a pretty cool guy. Eh messes with Sheldon and doesn't afraid of anything.
#57 - toastythetoaster (04/15/2013) [-]
Photo Bombing Level: Adam Savage
#54 - anonymous (04/15/2013) [-]
met the ****** . awesome guy.
#53 - saladtongsofdeath (04/15/2013) [-]
This image has expired
is it just me, or does wil wheaton seem kinda beta for wearing a bazinga t-shirt.....
#64 to #53 - nustix ONLINE (04/15/2013) [-]
Not more beta than when he's wearing his elf outfit while playing D&D
#75 to #64 - saladtongsofdeath (04/15/2013) [-]
thats just awesome... beta isnt really the word though... douchey maybe?
User avatar #78 to #75 - nustix ONLINE (04/15/2013) [-]
I like him a lot especially on tabletop and he looks not like a douche at all more like a dude who doesn't care what others thing of him and who is a nerd yet everybody likes him and he's quite popular.
#79 to #78 - saladtongsofdeath (04/15/2013) [-]
i like him too but its kinda like that guy that wears a shirt with a portrait of himself.... and not as a joke...
User avatar #58 to #53 - goonmcnasty (04/15/2013) [-]
Well.. he is in the show. So no, not really.
#74 to #58 - saladtongsofdeath (04/15/2013) [-]
yea, but two things....
1. thats not his catchphrase
2. its kinda like saying "hey look, im famous, im in the show too"
we know your in the show.... no need to advertise that fact
User avatar #77 to #74 - goonmcnasty (04/15/2013) [-]
He's saying he likes the show, just as anyone else who wears that t-shirt is.

You're assuming too much.
#49 - craazhy (04/15/2013) [-]
it wouldnt be as funny if it wasnt for some of his awesome facial expressions
it wouldnt be as funny if it wasnt for some of his awesome facial expressions
#45 - memustardo (04/15/2013) [-]
But what about Adam Civil?
User avatar #43 - aran (04/15/2013) [-]
i thumbed up just because of adam
User avatar #42 - TarnRazor ONLINE (04/15/2013) [-]
Why do I know who a lot of those people are? I don't think I know more than one person's name
#41 - critique (04/15/2013) [-]
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User avatar #66 to #41 - mattdoggy (04/15/2013) [-]
no explosions :(
#67 to #66 - critique (04/15/2013) [-]
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User avatar #38 - cronos (04/15/2013) [-]
How has no one made a joke about how savagely he's photobombing these people?
User avatar #37 - poshgentleman (04/15/2013) [-]
One questions the credibility of these photos.
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