Another day on Omegle. Sometimes I just like to follow little children around in a van and whisper "that's the good stuff. Show off that ass, you piece of  no one is going to read that anyway so why bother
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Another day on Omegle

Another day on Omegle. Sometimes I just like to follow little children around in a van and whisper "that's the good stuff. Show off that ass, you piece of

Sometimes I just like to follow little children around in a van and whisper "that's the good stuff. Show off that ass, you piece of meat" just loud enough for them to listen. Does anyone actually read the description? Probably not. I like tacos. I mean, really, who thought of that? "let's just put some meat in a handy dandy carrying device, and top it with cheese n' ****!" I'm not sure who it was, but that man is a genius. Why do the commercials show five gum to be so glorious? I've had it. It ain't amazing. I mean, it's decent, for gum, but eh. Are you actually reading this? No, you're not. But if you were, you would get a prize. But a ****** prize, like five gum and no tacos. What does something look like that's smaller than the size of light? Would we be able to see it even? Or would it just be invisible, no matter how much magnification you look through. I still have about 1600 words to write, so I'm just getting started. Have any of you ever been farted on? I can tell you, it ain't pretty. But, I suppose, it can be kinky if done right. At this point, I don't even know why I'm writing this, but I ain't erasing anything. Oh, when I said I had 1600 words, I meant characters. It's significantly less now, though. Why do people kill eachother in such large quantities? If we focused all that energy into sexy orgies, the world would be a hotter place. Once I tried to get my dog to give me a blowjob. If you're still reading this, you win a story. Once upon a time in a magical land of hookers, you got laid. I feel bad for that, it seems kinda like I was saying you can't get laid outside of magical hooker lands. What do hookers taste like? Probably like a dumpster. I like dumpsters. They have so much uses. How many nipples would I need to harvest to make a nipple coat? I don't mean a coat with nipples on it, either. I mean a coat made completely out of nipples. With nipples holding it all together. I'd probably need a butt ton of nipples. I wonder how many nipples I could get if I went to my local preschool. Nobody cares about children that young, either, so I'd be in the complete clear. They say you never get caught on the first time. I wonder if my nipple coat would get caught. Nah. Have you ever tried to turn nipples into a coat? It's not easy. The size differences, as well as texture and color, makes it hard to work out. I wonder how big the average dog nipple is. Do you know? Probably not. Nobody actually searches for that stuff. But they're soft, at least.

Q omegle Talk to strangers'.
Vonnie chatting we a random stranger on Omeglol
Stranger: hi asl
You: h en
Tenchi/ f/ tcald How It Started...
Stranger: 17 m usa
Stranger: texas
Yo rem close
Stranger: 2 )
You: what do u look like
Stranger: I have a 6 pack i life a lot and about 5' 8 bron
eyes orange hair
Stranger: you?
You: sexy, 4' 11, brown hair, green eyes, c cups
Stranger: c cups thats nice for 14
You: yum)
Stranger: wanna roleplay or get right into it
You: Iol
Stranger: What are you wearin?
You: my bra, and my panties, wbu?
Stranger: some shorts a pair of boxers no shirt
You: hon
Stranger: i wanna kiss fourties i wanna lick them
Stranger: those big boobs
Yo "wanna deep throat dick
Yo . ow big is it?
Stranger: come on baby
Stranger: 8 inchs
You: wow, thats bigg
You: thats gunna be tight
Stranger: come on baby it
You: gagging
Stranger: fuck you ill make you everywhere
Stranger: come baby ill force your head down
Stranger: on it
You: , but start fingering me also
Stranger: ill make talk t me
Stranger: baby
You: jab fingers into my small pussy
Stranger: i wanna rub my hand up and down that small
little wet pussy
Stranger: and jab it
You: wanna see a pic of it
Stranger: yes
You: ill email it to u
Stranger:‘@ yahoo. com
You: tak the pic;)
You: i sent it
Stranger: o yeah
You: get it?
Stranger: not yet
Stranger: i wanta t!
Stranger: it
You: whats facebook, maybe i can add you
Yo h
Yo look sexy
Stranger: i bet you look just as sexy
You: ill add you
You: Inerts request sent
Stranger: i got it
Stranger: you look so sexy
You: soor
You: would your parents and grandma mind me
sending them a pic of this chat?
You: u requested nude photos from a 14 year old
You: u sick perv
Stranger: but you were willing sorryy feel bad
You: well
can either send them a pic of the chat
Yo r let you off with only a warning
Stranger: let me off with a warning i will do anything
You: the warning is going to take some convincing
Stranger: I am really sorry i realize that i am just a idoit
kid sorry for even thinking about asking anything
sexual from a 14 year old
Stranger: I am really dumb to think that its its not
You: ost a photo on face book of one of ,
and i will let u go
Stranger: is there anyother way i feel really bad
You: umm maybe
You: post a 500 word post on facebook about how you
enjoy second chances
Yo _ will have to be on facebook fora weeks at least
Yo WILL be checking
You: u unfriended me
Stranger: i am writing it now
You: good thing i copied down parents names and
profile pics
You: better refriend me’
Stranger: i am atm
Stranger: trying to figure it out
Stranger: one comemnt
You: you better, tick tock
Stranger: Rachel wilson right?
You: rachel willson
You: u blocked me
You: remember?
Stranger: trian to figure out how to unblock you i
dont knwo how i really wnat to
Stranger: I dont want this dont with omegle for life
You: still counting
Stranger: i think about to cry i am so sorry
You: sorry doesnt matter
You: I want a friend request, then i want 1 testicle or
500 words about second chances
Stranger: trany to find you again
You: whats going on]
Stranger: i just unlocked you
Stranger: blocked you
You: ther you go
Stranger: i am writing now it now
You: u better
You: done yet?
Stranger: almost i am really trying to my best right now
You: , keep up the good work
Stranger: proabaly still not done ill keep going ill
make the post now and edit it later
Stranger: well ill keep wroking on it
Stranger: now
Stranger: lust want you to read it
You: better post it soon
Yo :good job:
Stranger: I am sorry again in two weeks promise you
will delete the screen shot
You: you made me proud
You: yes i will
You: you are free to go
Stranger: i dont make myself proud
You: and remember, dont trust the intenet
Stranger: Ijust want to let you know i dont have much
in life to live fari really dont
Yo . ont act sad, have confidence
Yo overcame one of Fifes obsticles
You: good job --
Stranger: well thank you for giving me a second
chance again i dont think i will ever go on omegle again
i am sorry again
You: bye
Stranger: have a good nightline 21 is two weeks form
Stranger: peace out sorry again
You have disconnected.
And Finally, My Results...
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