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Story time, related to otters.

So I live in Washington State, and years ago when my family visited The Grand Coulee Dam they had these coloring books about water safety for children called "Otto Otter for Safer Water". They had a whole bunch of otter puns in them like "You otter stay away from dangerous canals, and never go swimming without one of your pals." (not exact quote but you get the idea.) Anyway, more recently my family visited again, and I found that they changed all of the coloring books to have both English and Spanish in them, but now they have no puns or rhymes. Its all just "Don't go in canals." "Never swim alone." "No, you're not allowed to do that, I just sound like a controlling douche now."

After seeing this I muttered: "Geez, they otter change the title to 'Otto Otter the Bi-lingual Jerk.'." ...A nearby employee chuckled.

Anyway, there's my otter-related rant about how somebody ruined a small piece of childhood nostalgia from a family camping trip.