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#5 - unncommon
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(04/10/2013) [-]
People that lose faith in humanity make me lose faith in humanity. It's like 'Seriously? Are you that ******* ignorant or are you just trying to make a sad attempt at being funny?'

Yes. My jimmies are rustled. But at least I have the integrity to admit it, you just have the audacity to proclaim yourself as the lost purpose you are.
#9 to #5 - secretdestroyers
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(04/11/2013) [-]
What I've always wanted to know (I asked myself this while looking at your picture): what would it feel like to fap in the ocean?

With all the saltwater and ****, I just wondered if it would hurt or whatevs...
#48 to #9 - anon id: e1ba80e7
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(04/11/2013) [-]
It´s fine, nothing special really... Tried it on a vacation to Croatia, where the water is more salty than normal ************* salt water.

But it didn´t hurt or anything... So go for it!
#33 to #9 - unncommon
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(04/11/2013) [-]
It's pretty cool. But then people start yelling at you "HEY! THERE'S CHILDREN PRESENT!" And you realize that you're actually in the Toys Section at Wal-Mart.
User avatar #54 to #33 - lasmamoe
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(04/11/2013) [-]
Yep, that's what happened to me too.