I want a pet midget. I want to make a squirt gun/taser combination. I will get a nice, high pressure water gun and a generator to amplify my taser. I will mount after the burial oh sleeper august Burns red intervals ERRA elitist
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I want a pet midget

I want to make a squirt gun/taser combination. I will get a nice, high pressure water gun and a generator to amplify my taser. I will mount it in front of the squirt gun, and shoot it like and electrical flame thrower. Imagine how fun it would be to fire it as a crowd control officer. Babies would be fried and young girls would be having the best orgasm in their ******* life. I would have the power of Zeus's ******* penis! Thor's hammer handle in his pants! NEW IDEA!!! Go to a water park wave pool, get 500 taser. Duct tape their power button and throw those ******* death dealers in the water. Hahahaha!!! I don't think zombies with rotting flesh will ever exist. However, when we get nanobots sent into our bloodstream, there could be a virus (like a computer virus) that kills the person, but the robots that are in the bloodstream could reanimate the body. The only survivors would be the hicks that couldn't afford or didn't want the vaccine. I need some sleep, I'm running on 4 hours and 3 monsters right now. I should probably stop typing, but get pickles **** bitches, amairyte? NOTHER IDEA! Get tons of glow sticks, and snap them in half. Put the glowing juices in water balloons. Go to a rave, and throw those mother ******* everywhere! People will be like, "Wow, I'm glowing! This is ******* **** balls on Sarah Palin's ************* nipples!" Then it will get in their eyes, mouth, and other organs. They will all die glowing, and when the police show up all there will be is broken rubber and a bunch of people still laying on the ground (Basically a normal rave). OR... instead of filling the balloons with glow stick stuff, fill them with gasoline and those snap rocks. That would be those most brutal concert ever, and the most metal way to die. August Burns Red muahahaha... what? You don't know how they got their name? The lead singer had a girlfriend named August. When He broke up with her, she took his dog named Red... and, well, Burned him. The newspaper headline was August Burns Red, and that's how they got their name. Look that last part up, it's ******* legitameter over 9000. My left brain is going to go all out on this last part, but before that I just realized I just typed a third of a page in a few minutes and can't get five paragraphs done on my persuasive essay. What tthe **** , smorky lorks smell like crylinooms, not puelightnmjoses. Whyt thy fyck, yyy cynt yss nyggy? Mama the movie= chopchopchopchop. I hope you enjoy

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Submitted: 04/10/2013
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#4 - Hightower (04/10/2013) [-]
As to the description, it would be impossible. Water does not form a continuous stream, rather a line of sometimes connected droplets.. You would have to be ridiculously close for it to be effective.
User avatar #3 - shadowm (04/10/2013) [-]
When did Draco and Cho shrink and start dating?
User avatar #2 - nsali (04/10/2013) [-]
mini golf.....doing it right?
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