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#66 - Cambro
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There are actually academic papers written on the insanity of Batman, and his sexual natures highlight a lot of the evidence. Bruce Wayne has a twisted attraction to troublemaking or devious girls including Selana Kyle and Talia Al Ghul. When he isn't busy sleeping with the girls he also has physical, emotional, and moral battles with, he hangs out with his sidekick who is a 12 year old boy in tights. When the boy who plays the role of Robin passes into the teenage years or just after, Batman acquires a new Robin. Dick Grayson becomes Nightwing, prompting Bruce to train Jason Todd. Jason Todd, when he is finally on his journey of self discovery thro his family lines, is killed. This isn't Bruce's fault directly, but it is an interesting note. Not to mention Bruce lives alone with an old man who is also single. Without a father figure, Bruce never gained an adequate sense of sexuality and masculinity. This only doubles up on his already insane tendencies that manifested after the death of his parents (like dressing up as a giant ******* bat and beating up criminals at night, for example.) Bruce Wayne is Sigmund Freud's dream.
User avatar #70 to #66 - jinjo
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Not to mention his son, the new Robin Damien Wayne was just killed by his own clone, so what the **** happens now?