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#27 - flyleafistheshit
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(04/05/2013) [-]
My family is probably the only one who does this, but one of us will speak to our dog as if she is of equal intelligence and then who ever else is in the room will make up the dogs response in a silly voice and we will carry on this conversation like it is completely normal.

For example I would say, "Hey Ziggurt, you look like you are enjoying that pillow. You want me to go buy you a dog bed?"

Then my sister/ Ziggy in response would,"Sure would ****** beat laying at the edge of this bed near your smelly ass feet."

To which I would say, "Do you kiss your Mama with that mouth?"

Sister/Ziggy says, "No but I lick the inside of yours after I eat the cat **** out of the litter box."

Does anyone else do this? I didn't name her Ziggy by the way, she kinda just came with the name. This is a picture of her.