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This is wrong. In greek mythology there are 3 afterlifes:
-Tartarus, a place of punishment for the evil.
-the Plains of Asphodel, Infinite planes of grain, where all of the common people go, those who just lived their life without doing anything too special.
- The Elysian Fields, where heroes go, A land of plenty and wine and sex and parties.
I'm pretty sure chell deserved wine and sex and parties.
#162 to #45 - myhumps
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(04/04/2013) [-]
But what about the cake
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Correct! :D I was about to clarify.. But you beat meh to it.
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Woot, someone who knows their ****.
User avatar #47 to #45 - thephantur
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The closest to what OP describes are the Plains of Asphodel and that has no singing and you have no friends with you. It's limbo in a sense and you wander around, forever, not knowing who you are.

There is a 4th place for those who have been reborn and managed to enter the Elysian Fields multiple times (I think 3?). It is basically heaven on crack.

Either way, this might be from another mythology but it sure as hell isn't Greek.