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#122 - robinwilliamson
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Here's a reason everyone should love themselves.

Billions of years ago, there were old stars where we are in the Milky Way. When they died in the form of supernovas, the dust vacuumed together to begin making solar systems and whatnot.
Years and years went by, and by 4 and a half billion years ago, our amazing earth was here and glowing hot. Well, about 800 million years after that, these chemicals trotting around got a little energized by what-we-have-yet-to-decide, and life's building blocks started.
And once they started gettin the hang of things and forming small little cells competing with each other and the strongest surviving, they began to evolve for over three and a half billion (three and a half billion) years through long hard work of survival, they one day became complex enough to think and speak and ask anything and learn to great extents, that would be where you are today.

Recap: We are the work of stars' dust that died and regrouped billions of years ago and billions of years of living nature from inanimate nature doing it's work to make the best it could. We are the current final draft of the greatest book in the history of time.