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User avatar #2 - ilovehitler (04/01/2013) [-]
>implying we would even go outside
#91 to #2 - fefe (04/02/2013) [-]
I have enough food to survive until at least the majority of the zombies would be dead so I'd probably be fine in my house.
User avatar #130 to #91 - ktbmnf (04/02/2013) [-]
"until at least the majority of zombies are dead" if there arent any survivors but yourself, your going to have to wait a long ******* time for the bodies to decay. decades.
#139 to #130 - fefe (04/02/2013) [-]
It doesn't take decades for bodies to decay.

Unless they get into the McDonald's supply warehouse, then we are for sure ****** .
User avatar #146 to #139 - ktbmnf (04/02/2013) [-]
how long does it take for a corpse to decay?? O.o (my science teacher only teach's Physics and Chemistry)
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