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I challenge YOU

Adolf Hitler brings the girls to the party

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Submitted: 03/31/2013
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#5 - taintedangel (04/01/2013) [+] (2 replies)
-Clicked "Random"   
-Article is Adolf Hitler   
-Clicked "Random"
-Article is Adolf Hitler

#50 - derricktwo (04/01/2013) [+] (1 reply)
>Use tab and enter to go to links without clicking.   
>get to hitler without clicking once
>Use tab and enter to go to links without clicking.
>get to hitler without clicking once
User avatar #115 - responsibletim (04/01/2013) [+] (5 replies)
>Dragonball Z
>Viz Media
>San Francisco
>World War 2
>Adolf Hitler
User avatar #119 to #118 - responsibletim (04/01/2013) [-]
You just called me and imbecile because of what I clicked on Wikipedia. Lol, k.
User avatar #90 - mishmash (04/01/2013) [-]
-Taylor Swift
-Adolf Hitler
User avatar #203 - XxMacxX (04/01/2013) [-]
Tom Carnegie
Trent Bray (American Football)
Pink Typhoon
Canon EF 70-200mm lens
Handley Moule
Avenida Ciudad de Cali (TransMilenio)
Red-legged Seriema
Anthony J. Bryant
Three Counties
Bulimulus jacobi
Philippe Manoury
Heilbronner Falken
Carmen Aristegui
Hero (2000 film)
1939 Chicago White Sox season
Please Kill Mr. Know It All
Kuils River
Jiiciitiginkaahaa WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!

Done. I am SO done. Fuck this
User avatar #170 - weightedtemp (04/01/2013) [+] (1 reply)
>Genital warts
>Anal sex
>The Holocaust
>Adolf Hitler
#141 - anonymous (04/01/2013) [-]
Germany,Call of Duty,Nintendo ,Super Mario Bros. (film),Hollywood Pictures,The Walt,Disney Studios (production company),Pixar,Steve Jobs ,Wisconsin,North Dakota,Hitler (North Dakota)
User avatar #33 - blackscottsman (04/01/2013) [-]
Walt Disney
#204 - wastedclown (04/01/2013) [-]
#146 - anonymous (04/01/2013) [-]
Borrelia garinii, Scabricola splendidula, Aaron Slight, Thomas A Becket First School,
Tabata Station (Nagano), MSB (album), Tube cleaning (locomotive), Sergey Schepkin, Scott Viking 1, S. Vaiyapuri Pillai, Yakov Zheleznyak, Canary Wharf tube station, Lisa Coole, List of root vegetables, Jonathan Craven, Stretavka, Manotick, Dayananda Gunawardena, SS Sea Star, Hundsturm, Baylè 1879 wallet / palm pistol, Test Tube Conceived, William Rust Summit, Sicyopterus franouxi, Campbell village, Krzywda, Garwolin County, Muriel Siebert, Cochlioda noezliana, 1968 Inter-Cities Fairs Cup Final, Siegmund, Margrave of Bayreuth, West Coastway Line, Echard, Rocha, David Renton, Baron Renton, Vitis californica, Təsi, USS Shada (SP-580), David Paisley, Topographic Abney Level, 1992 Central American and Caribbean Junior Championships in Athletics, Antoine-François Callet, Severomorsk, Rodrigo Barbosa Rodrigues Costa, Backup rotation scheme, Watch, Kentucky, Caral, Agropyropsis.
User avatar #137 - awesomedudeforty (04/01/2013) [-]
>Brand New (Band)
>North America
>Adolf Hitler
#136 - analleakage (04/01/2013) [-]
Seriously, who the fuck makes a list of what kind of butterflies that feeds on some sort of flower
User avatar #135 - oliphan (04/01/2013) [-]
>Princeton Day School
>American football
>Football (ball)
>World War I
>Adolf Hitler
User avatar #134 - eyemeralds (04/01/2013) [-]
1.) 1992–93 Frauen DFB Pokal
2.) Germany
3.) Adolf Hitler
User avatar #133 - apocafish (04/01/2013) [-]
Random Article: Aldwick
1. England
2. Germanic peoples
3. Aryan race
4. Adolf Hitler
User avatar #132 - bobmarles ONLINE (04/01/2013) [-]
>Thomas Pitt Cholmondeley-Tapper
>Allies of World War I
>Allies of World War II
>Adolf Hitler
User avatar #130 - joshygee (04/01/2013) [-]
>Pot de creme
>French cuisine
>Nazi Germany
>Adolf Hitler
User avatar #93 - BruiseLee (04/01/2013) [-]
-Power Rangers
-United States of America
-Hiroshima and Nagasaki
-World War II
-Adolf Hitler
User avatar #39 - alexdelooze (04/01/2013) [+] (3 replies)
Olmito, Texas
25378 Erinlambert
2012–13 Los Angeles Kings season
Waterfalls (TLC song)
Samuel Nicholl Benjamin
Hellyer River
2010 Eurocup Formula Renault 2.0 season
Belarus at the 2004 Summer Paralympics
Endre Misteth
Dave Andreychuk
Democratic Arucasian Union
Stena Line's ship history
1988 Big East Conference Baseball Tournament
(This is where I give up)
User avatar #43 to #42 - alexdelooze (04/01/2013) [-]
it didnt say that
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