PIXEL PER...FECT. thought i would do a portrait of the late richard griffiths. pretty proud of myself... Hehe, made me laugh. no post on sundays

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#5 - LOLWUTS (03/31/2013) [-]
Hehe, made me laugh.
#4 - anonymous (03/31/2013) [-]
Its beautiful dan. he would be so proud
#3 - flixoe (03/31/2013) [-]
Does anyone realize top of FJ is just going to be negative some time tonight into tomorrow?
User avatar #2 - sirzeel (03/31/2013) [-]
Thumb up for the effort, not for the content. :P
#1 - anonymous (03/31/2013) [-]
**** off you cunt
#6 - xdjerredlongxd has deleted their comment [-]
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