Soft contact. Source? CANADA ehh.. rugby, dude. This right here <<< ripped his scrotum and lost 4 teeth on his first test match, and with one mother testicle hanging free calmly asked th
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Soft contact

Source? ******* CANADA ehh

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Submitted: 03/30/2013
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#48 - nerdicorn ONLINE (03/31/2013) [-]
You've never been put in a banana split
#45 - nock **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #44 - Lintutu (03/31/2013) [-]
What about rugby?
#37 - recoveryone (03/31/2013) [-]
What ever helps you sleep at night
User avatar #38 to #37 - reaperssprint (03/31/2013) [-]
Still has nothing, sorry.
#36 - renegadejack (03/31/2013) [-]
yea. i guess that is tougher than fire sword fighting.
yea. i guess that is tougher than fire sword fighting.
#32 - lockwood (03/31/2013) [-]
Lacrosse fag boy here. Take your ******* hockey and add some soccer and some football and you got yourself lacrosse. I ******* love my sport. One of the most dynamic and physically demanding sports in existence.

pic related
#43 to #32 - hunterhxc (03/31/2013) [-]
the lacrosse team at my school is full of a bunch of douche bags. I play rugby and the two teams kind of have a rivalry. Lacrosse is such a cool ******* sport but they ruined it for me. I wish I could enjoy it
User avatar #50 to #43 - lockwood (03/31/2013) [-]
Sorry to here that it got ruined for you, and that's kinda a stereotype for lacrosse players,is that we are all douchbags(which some are though lol) but if you get the chance you should really try. Its alot of fun.
#52 to #50 - hunterhxc (03/31/2013) [-]
Maybe after high school, i couldn't stop playing rugby
#42 to #32 - fukyouto (03/31/2013) [-]
well everyone who likes hockey also likes lacrosse so i dont know what you are trying to prove
User avatar #39 to #32 - reaperssprint (03/31/2013) [-]
Lacrosse is tough, its the same as Hockey however in terms of physical demands. Basically Hockey without ice. Still a badass sport though.
#27 - ninegagleader (03/31/2013) [-]
**ninegagleader rolls 64**
#26 - ninegagleader has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #25 - zandveerx **User deleted account** (03/31/2013) [-]
Interesting fact. Since football players (american version) wear the armor like they do it actually allows them to hit harder than in a sport like Rugby. In Rugby you have no pads so you have a sense of how hard you are actually hitting and don't do it as hard as you can. American Football however you can't really gauge that so you become an armored juggernaut smacking into other armored juggernauts. Not sure if people have been killed playing Rugby or how many but I know there is a crap load that got killed playing American Football.
User avatar #40 to #25 - reaperssprint (03/31/2013) [-]
Yea, and having 4 total minutes of play in a game really plays on your endurance.
User avatar #29 to #25 - blargchikahonkhonk ONLINE (03/31/2013) [-]
that is just wrong. I play a lot of rugby (I play prop) and i know that if im going in for a tackle it may hurt quite a bit but **** it im always guna hit the other guy as hard as possible. if im running into contact i dont really care how much it hurts the main aim is that the other guy comes off worse.

and yess many people die playing rugby. If a scrum collapses there is a massive chance of snapped necks for everyone
User avatar #33 to #29 - TastyBurger (03/31/2013) [-]
He's right in a way. The tackles in American football are much different. They run full speed and jump at you. Its a little different than a rugby tackle. Rugby is more of just pulling the legs out from under someone and trampling and dog piles. American football players do tackle a lot harder, but rugby players are allowed to pretty much beat and kick the **** out of each other. Both sports have their qualities.

TL;DR, stop sport snobbery, its almost as bad as music snobbery. Your sport isn't better. Stop trying to make it seem like it is.
User avatar #49 to #33 - blargchikahonkhonk ONLINE (03/31/2013) [-]
one word Boshing
#34 to #33 - blokner (03/31/2013) [-]
i agree with everything in that paragraph have a nice day
#21 - flowgo (03/31/2013) [-]
Rugby. none of this armor protection **** you Americans use for Football. RUGBY ************ . Men the size of mountains spear tackling one another over a ball.
#31 to #21 - dunkaroo (03/31/2013) [-]
Dude... I love you, and rugby, I grew up playing it with my dad, and man, so many great memories.
User avatar #23 to #21 - mrsonicrainboom (03/31/2013) [-]
yay rugby, im welsh so im saposed to play but i suck at it :( oh and i cant spell for **** .
#19 - punnyjunky ONLINE (03/31/2013) [-]
******* rugby, dude. This ***** right here
ripped his scrotum and lost 4 teeth on his first test match, and with one mother ******* testicle hanging free calmly asked the medic to stitch the tear up and he went straight back in, then being concussed and sent off. He has no recollection of that game to this day. But **** , if that aint a tough ***** in a tough sport, Idk what the hell is.
User avatar #17 - spoogle (03/31/2013) [-]

related. It's the video of Clint's injury back in '83.
kinda graphic, you guys.
#18 to #17 - tricksandshit (03/31/2013) [-]
My neck and stomach feel funny
#13 - josephkirk (03/31/2013) [-]
******* love this sport!
#12 - Visual (03/31/2013) [-]
I'll represent swimming and say that it'll make you convulse and throw up on your first time of practice.

No srsly it's very underrated.
User avatar #15 to #12 - ilovehitler (03/31/2013) [-]
I may be wrong here, but isn't swimming one of the most demanding sports there is (muscular usage wise, at least)?
#51 to #15 - Visual (03/31/2013) [-]
Yep, and probably those two people who thumbed me down were some American Football or football ******* .

The training is something new because it's not like everyday you go on a swim to work/school instead of walking/taking a car.
User avatar #10 - dontscream (03/31/2013) [-]
I'll be honest, Hockey seems pretty tough. But rugby and MMA? I think those two stand at the top in terms of being a badass sport.
#9 - anonymous (03/31/2013) [-]
Hockey is tough, but let's not act like this is a common occurrence. The picture also looks a lot worse since they, apparently, weren't using the plexiglass (spellcheck?) that a lot of rinks use.
#8 - derrickrick (03/31/2013) [-]
This post would be reasonable if smashing your head through a glass wall was a regular part of hockey.

#5 - oxYKellark (03/31/2013) [-]
Yeah good one eh?
Yeah good one eh?
User avatar #47 to #5 - coophomie (03/31/2013) [-]
jesus christ i need the source of this
User avatar #3 - vedgetable (03/31/2013) [-]
maybe i would be impressed if they did notwear helmets
User avatar #41 to #3 - reaperssprint (03/31/2013) [-]
They used to not to, but after awhile guys were getting concussions way too often. Its harder to avoid hitting your head in a sport like Hockey.
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