So i was on the bus this morning. Thought I'd share oc.. B ATTLE R EADY A RMOR! Bra
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what ever it makes him feel pretty
what ever it makes him feel pretty
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Just gonna leave this here
Just gonna leave this here
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in the eighth grade my math teacher was a over-zealous religous fanatic, he kept it out of the classroom but (example) once, when he saw me smoking on a weekend he gave me a good mormon lecture, so now you've got an idea of what kind of guy this is, so we ere sitting a test in class and the girl who sat next to me had a question, so my math teacher procedeed to bend over and lean on her desk facing away from me, as i glance over i notice he is wearing a lacy pink G-string.

six foot four, preachy mormon math teacher, wearing ladies under-garments, slutty under-garments for the fact too.

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Shoulda tried to undo it without him noticing.
if he catches you just question why he's wearing a bra.
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Brother... We shall conquer all the buses.
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All I can think of is that maybe he is in a BDSM relationship and his significant other made him wear it during the day as a subtle humility and uncomfortable feeling. Thoughts?
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You know what, I would have thumbed this up if you didn't lie about it being OC... but that just me rage!! I seen this days ago on the lad bible!!
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You know, a friend of mine likes wearing bras from time to time. Because they are ''Pretty and ****** .
He's not gay, he's not transgender, he doesn't like any woman's clothing bar the occasional bra (He said himself).
Some people just have odd things about themselves, I guess.
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Maybe he was wearing one of these
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thats in London, which Bus was that on, and where about?
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